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  1. Pterodactylus has been uploaded and fixed now I'm gonna work on a Anurognathidae Family Pack, which will contain: Anurognathus Batrachognathus Jeholopterus Dendrorhynchoides Mesadactylus Vesperopterylus All skins made by Tamara Henson, will show pictures soon. Anurognathus Family
  2. Designer: Tamara Henson And IBA5000 Original Creator: Hendrix Requires: None Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None Description: Pterodactylus meaning "winged finger" is an extinct flying reptile genus of pterosaurs, whose members are popularly known as pterodactyls. Screenshot: Pterodactylus (Final).z2f
  3. Here is an update on the Pterodactylus, a huge shout out to Hendrix for fixing the WWD Pteranodon, for now it can properly bred, get pregnant, make a nest, lay eggs and the eggs hatch into babies. First image shows as follows: Pterodactylus is pregnent and "Going to lay eggs", also you can see in the msgs an earlier Pterodactylus laid eggs and of their babies hatched. Second image shows the nest (nest size is smaller than Coelophysis nest) that was made by the Pterodactylus and more Pterodactylus hateched from an earlier one (they lay about 3-4 eggs) Lastly here is the Pterodactylus family (Adult M/F and Young) Extremely happy about all this going so well, especially now they can breed. One more thing when placed it may take time for the all the above to happen. All that has to be is tested is growing up to Juvenile and then to Adult.
  4. Let me know about the size of the Pterodactylus
  5. Anurognathus Skin made by Tamara Henson
  6. Has a potoo bird ever been made, if not what would be a good base model?
  7. This are utilizing the same skin for just examples, silverwren will make new skins for this. Gigantspinosaurus (I know this animal has been made but I wanted to do my own reworked mesh) Yingshanosaurus ( I made this animal a few years back but I don't care for the skin, this uses the skin as above but was original used on this animal) As you see they both work in the game. Let me know what you think and what representation of a skin(s) you'd like to see for these 2, and comment if anything should be fixed about the mesh(s)
  8. Designer: iba5000 & Silverwren Original Creator: Hendrix Requires: MM Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None Description: Sawfish Pack: includes the Longcomb and Knifetooth Sawfish Screenshot Sawfish Pack.z2f
  9. Another sawfish made by me and Silverwren (Knifetooth)
  10. Pterodactylus Link Tamera found the above image
  11. Here is the update for the crest and the bills/beaks longers
  12. Yeah, I'm gonna update the male with a crest as you mention SLG, thanks for the input, I am also gonna make their bills a bit longer as well.
  13. [center] Let me know you folks think of mine and Tamara's Pterodactylus, she did the wonderful skin, showing off an in game image to show that the Adults are working atm.[/center]
  14. Pterodactylus (Does the base seem correct as I using the Rhamphorhynchus Base or should be the Pteranodon)?
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