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  1. hehehe no I can't stay away. I do not know how active I will be on PS though. Alot of changes and that would mean alot of buying lol
  2. Hey! I'm pretty good. Busy with kids and hubby as usual. I am addicted to Bejeweled Blitz again. How is everybody on here? Has anyone left?
  3. Harmzy

    "Friend" problem

    If it were me, I'd be having a chat with him. Express your feelings. He may not realize what he's doing as well.
  4. Hiya sweety! With my first, I had the same worries. I felt little flutters after 20 weeks. With my second and third I felt them around 18 weeks
  5. Morning! Well almost lunchtime soon hehe I kind of slept in which is pretty rare when you have kids. All is well, second week of the school holidays so pretty full on! How is everyone? I just reinstalled PS and wowzas its so different! Lots of changes!
  6. Anybody remember me? Thought I'd pop in before I go and tuck myself into bed. Missing a few of you lovely people I will be back after I sleep to catch up!
  7. Huge congrats Dan and Steph. I'm very excited for you. Your first baby nawww I'm abit teary eyed.
  8. Thankyou all xx I'll be sending a couple f/r's so I can keep in touch xx It is very scary how Facebook can just wipe you like that and not give a reason why. My husband said maybe its time that I slowed down on playing games so much and get back into reality lol. He's right but I know deep down I'll want to play games
  9. Nearly a week and Facebook still haven't replied about giving my Facebook account back. I have sent a total of 28 emails. You would expect just 1 reply No more Pet Society or any other games I loved. Bye bye all the friends I had on there. Bye bye all the hard work I put into my games. Finally bye bye to all on here Everyone who has known me on here, take care and maybe one day I will get over this and start over I cannot carry on the Twilight Group now. I wish you all happiness and kindness all around. I know I should be removed for not having a Facebook link now. (sorry Mayor). Gaiamaiden, Lea, Smorkle, Kasijab, and anyone else I have missed (sorry if I did miss alot) take care ladies xx I do have another Facebook account but was strictly for family and friends. But Smorkle does have me on there if you need to just see my beautiful face *snorts and giggles* or you wanna have a chat about your day
  10. Ohhh still don't have it back! I'm not giving up
  11. I hope so too! I need my pixelated social life
  12. For no reason! I went to log on lastnight and it said it had been disabled. Very very upset. Still no replies from FB after all the emails I sent them. So sorry to all that had me on FB
  13. Yes 2x3333. Sorry for the late reply my wee one is sick yet again this month grrr
  14. Hi there, I just checked again and no sign of payment. PS was playing up at the time though so something may have went wrong there coz I couldn't get in for a couple hours and when I did, I got Ursulas payment.
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