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  1. Wow! congrats! I played violin for 10 years in school, but I don't believe I was ever in first place.
  2. Have you already unlocked the grass to feed your cow?
  3. It took me so long to get the dog. It sounds simple enough, but it takes time and patience to send gifts back and forth...
  4. stiper23

    dog problem

    I believe the quest is first offered when you get to Level 8. You get the dog after you have 15 friends at 100 friendship points. The dog is supposed to stop others from stealing your crops, but it doesn't stop everyone all the time.
  5. Nice glowing fish. I don't think any of my neighbors have them...
  6. This is what I was going to suggest- watering full-grown dry crops does not count.
  7. stiper23

    dog problem

    Even though I am level 18 in CS, I just got the dog last night. I don't expect it to really stop anyone from stealing, but I was just glad to get that nagging mission off my to-do list!
  8. I'm guessing this is only on FB? I am addicted to farm sims, but haven't found one online that I like so far.
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