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  1. i would like to get the turtle, gorilla, hippo and invisible ring if i have it figured right that would be 51, 250 just tell me what you want and i will get it for you
  2. could you all see the items they were so small i have no clue what they are...i guess i will have to wait until they are released to see them
  3. you might not sell alot, other people on this site sell 2 coins or 3 coins for 1 4999 item but good luck
  4. thanks for the pictures i cant wait to get a couple of them shelves
  5. ty ty ty i stopped watering crops that were grown and only watered growing ones and it worked and they dont have to be all the way dry....yipeee and now im not wasting my time watering crops that are grown
  6. does anyone know why it doesnt count all the watering i do...been trying to do a quest and i am watering away and yes the plots are all the way dry and its not counting them...
  7. yipeee thanks so much this game is a little confusing now if i could get friends to 100 so i can get the stupid dog lol
  8. can you move your chicken??? i have tried and no luck if you cant you should be warned before you place it lol
  9. have cute baby room and fish room but what is wwf??? ok i found out what wwf is lol and you have to buy all that stuff i wont be doing that
  10. i dont know where to ask this but why dont you post whats in the mystery boxes each week like you used to do??????
  11. when will pet society be back up anyone know i havent been able to log on for over a day now getting frustrating
  12. my number 1 wish is for a snowman but im sure not many people have extras out there i love them...collect them hehe so my second wish is to have a tree big small it dont matter would just love a tree...thanks for doing this again maybe i will get picked this time... another note this site is awesome i come here every day before i go play with my pet...
  13. i must be blind i have searched and searched and havent found any lol good luck to all of you
  14. wow what a great thing you are doing i wish for anything christmas would love a tree or two and i have nothing halloween so anything would be appreciated turkey doll owl doll i love this site i check it every day i dont post much because im really new to sites like this and just dont know what to say lol thanks again
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