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  1. Yay! KoOoOoll.... I hope the designers from the Sims (EA) help Playfish to make even better furniture! ^^ But I wouldnt like it if they're gonna do allot of CC now! :'( x
  2. doesnt stands there with me! :'( I realy want to do it! can u plz send a link of it or something? :S thnx & bye!
  3. ... The dog's out!? - Baha Men Going for a walk...
  4. ffwout

    Would you rather...

    questions Been killed or just die old?...
  5. Hii, can u plz tell me where 'the changing room' is? I've bine looking around,but i cant find it..
  6. Fortunately is was because they where making new items & stores =D
  7. Not gonna happen! I wish to be in the staff of Playfish 8)
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