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  1. was a brilliant weekend and fab photos
  2. happy belated birthday Stan . And yes ditto what Dave said, would be great to see you both again
  3. Just double checked with the hotel, the estimated price is the price you will pay. " That is the final rate, it is an estimate price if in the event you purchase something in the hotel and charge it with the same card on file. The price you have been quoted is final."
  4. Mel will tell you when she looks in mate If you paid at the "buy now no refund" price they should have taken the money out I would have thought. It you have paid at the "buy now but you can cancel up until the day" I would have thought you pay on arrival or after the cut off time for cancelling on the day (think it was about 2pm) if you don't turn up. We have booked at the "pay now but can cancel" price, purely because of how things are with my dad, but tbh I was thinking of cancelling that and booking at the pay now no cancelling" price cos its a bit cheaper and Dave will definitely be going no matter what, and I only wont if something happens with dad which hopefully it wont
  5. yep need to start on a full and happy stomach
  6. oops happy belated birthday wishes. Hope you had a good one
  7. me neither will try again in a couple of weeks
  8. Was good to see you Ian and thanks again for the sponsor money. I really appreciate it.
  9. melly

    Hi there

    hello and welcome
  10. gave me a laugh sorry I'm sure your cat will grow to love it
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