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  1. http://www.georgewhite.co.uk/showrooms/showroom/donington_outlet/ Noticed this the other week. Might me a good place to get some of the new kit i need Anyone else been yet? its only been open a couple of weeks i think.
  2. finish nights at 7.15am on fri morning Is that arnolds or red car dave?
  3. Ta guys, will keep an eye out for any of them around. Looks like they would do the job nicely until finances are looking up. Now for new kit, probably going to be about the same again.
  4. Ta dave. A grand is pushing it really, but if it was something really decent then I would see what I can do. Ideally thinking more like 700, should be able to get that together in the not too distant future.
  5. Hi All! So havent posted on here for a while now, mainly due to the fact that I have been bikeless for the last few months just wondered if I could pick your brains for some advice. After writting off the bandit before christmas I had ruled out getting another bike for the time being due to finances. Not sure I can resist any longer though. Thought I would have a look and see what I can get on the cheap just to get me back on 2 wheels . Does anyone have any suggestions for something thats only a few hundred quid a grand tops? Not really fussed what, just so long as its mechanically sound. Any ideas? Cheers, Jimmy
  6. [quote="Davehutch"]Jim is this the time to post the pics of the car ?? you just wait till i have two good hands Dave
  7. ta for the messages guys! Going to try and sort it out myself grumpy. Will work out cheaper than loosing no claims etc. Least i have a nice little winter project. might even add a few more shiny bits Anyone got any suggestions for some nice mods?
  8. Hi All! Had my first big off on the bike yesterday Doing 50 one minute and the next my rear end in trying to pass me and before i know it i am lying on the ground next to my bike. Not reaaly sure what happened?? there was some loose stuff and leaves around, so might have been that?? Luckily was able to walk away with just a broken wrist. Think its as good advert as your ever going to get for always wearing proper kit! Ride Safe All!
  9. unfortunately I am working that weekend
  10. you mean the skip or the caravan? not sure which is worse, lol
  11. ok. dont think i will be ready by then, but if i am will come and meet you you. I will text you if i am ready in time to meet at halfords. Fingers crossed for weather tomorrow!
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