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  1. Where abouts in cumbria you from mate? near brampton Thats up near Carlisle isnt it?
  2. Where abouts in cumbria you from mate?
  3. A few of my mates, yes i have some friends, get stuff off the site of go to the shop in preston alot to get things, im in preston tomorrow so will be popping in to see what the fuss is about lol
  4. When i bought my new helmet there was some "safety" guidlines with it, in there i remember seeing it said that if you dropp it from over waist height then its best to replace it no matter what condition its in, if you drop it from below waist height then it MAY be ok to continue using it aslong as there are no odviouse cracks, scratches are common with stones coming off car tires
  5. Hey red ones go faster
  6. I've been riding round with metzeler Z6's on my b6 at the moment, came with the bike when i bought it and i've only just started having problems with them now. Been riding 2 up over the winter and the back tyre has started to square of and needs changing, for just the back im looking at around £140 but friends have been telling me maxxis supermaxx touring tyres are just as good, priced them up today and for front and back fitted im looking at £175.
  7. hi all, from cumbria and ride a B6 MK1 thats red
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