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  1. Welcome back mate... i work in witney so will keep my eyes peeled for the car Paul
  2. bonzo-b


    Thanks for the warm welcome back guys
  3. bonzo-b


    its BRONZE i tell you bloody BRONZE !!! Where`s bloody Froudy when you need him ??
  4. bonzo-b


    Hello mate, how`s you ? prefer unfaired but using bike through the winter this year so fairing back on and some heated grips
  5. bonzo-b


    Well never really went away .... just stopped using me pooter so much and spend most evenings out on my pushbike.... anyway.... back now anyway today put fairing back on my 12....so the question is... Summer or Winter look
  6. Think thats Lorcan Parnell... he is a legend mate .. fastest 750 turbo EVER ... look on www.750turbo.com (which he started by the way).. i`ve been on there since 2002(i think) .. there are some lovely bikes on there... look in the gallery... there`s mickthekicks brighton 10 sec brighton run.... turn up the volume !!! Paul
  7. Yes mate...early 80`s all the big 4 jap manfacturers built a turbo bike ... suzuki xn85, yamaha seca turbo, honda cx 500 then 650 turbo, kawasaki 750 turbo... http://www.realclassic.co.uk/turbochargedclassicbikes.html the kawa was THE best by a huge margin (my opinion) with a small wiring mod, K+N turbo and a straight through pipe she puts out nearly 120 bhp ( through a 130 rear tyre... ooooh what fun ) AND returns over 50mpg two up at 70 mph
  8. Hi Guys, after over 10 years of fun the time has come for a parting of the ways, my interests have changed and the turbo is sat in the garage gathering dust when someone else should be getting some of the fun i`ve had with it over the years.... anyway it`s a 1985 `B` reg E2 with 49000 miles on the clock not in too bad condition...no tax or mot... sorn`ed and V5 in my name it has had:- camchain replaced <3000 miles ago new tyres <2000 miles ago shorty rear mudguard S+B air filter on turbo snout (still have original tubes etc) Bailey dump valve (still have an un modded transfer pipe too) new saddle (still have the old one from last pic in this bunch too) D+D race pipe (with bs number on can) it will come with new chain and sprocket set (still in box), a couple of screens, some fairing middles, forks (with antidives and calipers), a front wheel with axle and speedo drive, tank( dented) with fuel sensor, fairing inner and screen rubber, pick-up coils, speedo, boost guage, an ECU (came with bike so dont know condition) and loads of other bits.... IT`S ALL GOT TO GO !! I`m Looking for £1500 for the bike with chain and sprox. buyer will have the option for ALL the rest for £100 on top or i`ll take my chances and advertise them here or on `that` site i would consider part/ex for a carbon framed full suss MTB (cash either way) Thanks for Looking... Paul PICS
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