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Posts posted by suzukijax

  1. One of the ladies on our site has asked for advice about her bike

    Hi, got a wee prob with the old girl and wonderd if any1 has had anything similar?
    SV650 - every now & agn, cuts out unexpectedly
    (2nite was on a r/bout!),
    but does start straight away again.

    Has also just developed a small pinking noise (not conatant) that sounds like a radiator does wen its cooling down (but thats not it!)

    Any ideas? x

  2. A couple of the girls off the other website that i use went for a bit of a ride out today (135 miles) to buxton and carsington had dinner then rode home

    This is Carsington where we stopped for lunch

    This was on the way home along the leek road towards Bosley lights

  3. The bloke im getting my clear clutch cover from (say that when you have had a pint or 10 ) has just emailed me (he is in Germany) to say he cant get it to me until next week as his painter is on hols he is compensating me though with a freebie clear window for the cover if it goes wrong but it means i have to wait even longer Sad

  4. I had a B6 for 3 months or so i loved it she was the best bike i had ridden so far (number 5 ) but i was relying on others to help me move her around so because i like my independance and i go out for rides on my own i sold her and bought a SV650 and omg what a change now this is my favourite bike for the mo and up to now i have had her 12 months which in the 4 years of riding is bloody good for me.
    If you can handle it keep it and do the bling thing
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