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  1. Hi Vandernator, how long does the camera run on one vid please Keith
  2. Urr I think it might of been the banks being greedy that got the country in the shit, I for one think they should pay back the billions and if they go bust then that is hard luck, why should the tax payer pay for there risk taking with OUR money ???
  3. Interesting topic, I never wear ear plugs I like to hear what is going on, re helmet noise I have had trouble with it in the past, some bikes you need to change or cut down the screen, the best screen I have found is one with a flip top, and some bikes you can not get over it at all, I like someone else used to wear Shoie helmets but it was so noisy on the bike I have now I bought a flip face Caberg and that is a lot better, I did once get over the noise factor on one of my helmets by fitting a skirt on the bottom which you can buy and that worked well but made it is a bit more dificult getting it on and off, but I think you only need the skirt at the front and mine was all round so perhaps if you cut away the back it would work just the same and make it easy to get on and off just a thought? Keith
  4. Thanks for the welcome everybody
  5. Hi Falnge, yes I do ride all the year round but not in grotty weather, had a great ride out yesterday to Cromer for lunch
  6. I am normally two up with the y&f on the back so if you see us say hello :-) Keith
  7. Ah, mine is a 1200 on an 04 plate,
  8. No it a very clean blue one and what is yours?
  9. Hi Flange, I am in Fairgreen. Keith
  10. Thanks to all, hope to meet some of you in 2011 Keith
  11. Hi, I ride a B12 at the moment and looking forward to summer and getting to some of the meets. Regards to all, ride safe. Keith
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