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  1. Agreed, Keep it up everybody Keith
  2. I was waiting at some traffic lights the other day and some twit on the other side was rev rev rev and when the lights changed he gave it even more revs and it stopped, when I passed he was looking down at the con rod which had come through the side of the block, Ha Ha Keith
  3. Just to be safe I would change the pressure switch, it may not be reliable. Keith
  4. Oh dear, we all get these runs of bad luck, dont worry the good luck is coming.
  5. About two years ago i was standing in the que at the supermarket check out looking out to the car park, and a woman unloaded her trolly and told the kid to put it in the trolly rack, instead he gave it a large push and it bounced off the back of my brand new car putting a dent in the boot, the mother did not even bother to put the trolly back just got in her car and drove off, I could not see the reg no properly and I would not of been able to of got out there in time if I had left the que, It made me hopping mad, I hope she has an eary transmission failure or somebody runs in to her car and drives off. Keith
  6. I came back from Essex to Norfolk the other day at 0130am it was great, no traffic no hold ups it was a pleasure and as I have to do that run every two weeks I will try and travel at that time in future, it made traveling enjoyable for a change. Keith
  7. well in my book he would have to mean the whole bike !! Keith
  8. I agree £20 is a joke, if you consider to rent for a one bed flat would cost you say £425 a month plus com tax plus electric plus water and maybe gas plus food, and I am not talking about all the other bills tha crop up, lets say £800 a month to round it up approx, thats £9600 PA much less than half the 25K they are earning, I have to ask what the hell are they spending there money on ??? and if they are not throwing it away why are they not paying you the correct rate for there keep at the very least, I would suggest costing up there keep penny for penny and present the bill to them/ him, either pay it or move on !! there comes a limit to the free lunch bit even for a parent, I know, I have the tee shirts for my two. :-) Keith
  9. I have had a lot of test drives and rides on bikes and cars that have broken down, and beleive it or not the reg plates on all of them added up to 13, so I will not buy a vehicle if the reg plate adds up to 13. I hardly beleive this myself, but it is true.
  10. I used to live in Maidenhead but I live in Kings Lynn now but I would not mind being back there. Keith
  11. Hi Stu 11, My wife and I have been riding sports tourers for a few years now, the sports bikes give me too many aches and pains these days, I have a Yamaha XJR 1300 naked which we use in the summer but it is for sale at the moment as we hardly use it, the best overall bike I have ever had and currently ride now is the Pan European it is comfortable for both rider and pillion we are well protected from the weather and they are quick enough with good storage and MPG and very planted on the road, but are a shade heavy but not once you are moving, it is a very competent machine, might be worth a test ride just to give you a balanced oppion. Keith
  12. I used to have a pair of bricks as they called them with ear pieces and internal speaker and a short rubber ariel 7" dont know if you can still get them, they were made by Midland and the range was good I used to use them at half a mile and they were clear as a bell. Keith
  13. Hi Maveric, I am retired from the Machine Tools now, but I assume you are talking about three phase motors but in any case single phase are the same wiring arrangement over here, the motor is earthed via its connection board not on its body externally but is internally, the cable used is armoured type carring three lives and the earth for the three phase (4 wires) or on single phase one live one neutral and an earth (three wires) all armoured with a gland fitted to the connection box on the motor. I think that is what you mean to ask, Hope this helps. Keith
  14. I got 7/10 as well room for more homework I think
  15. I would like to be over the top of the parts
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