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  1. Always managed to avoid that so far ....... Have a go on an SP1 Appreciate the offer, but think I'll stick with the ZX dont blame you lol
  2. Always managed to avoid that so far ....... Have a go on an SP1
  3. To be honest the pressure switches normally tell you when its too late but i will change it anyway as it can be embarrassing when you poo in your leathers
  4. congrats, is it your first? Dont take any notice of the others, people carriers can be great fun
  5. if there is any damage you should see it. The inside of the front sprocket cover may be chewed a bit and sometimes your tail plastics/chain guard take a hammering but to be honest its just good that you didn't lock up. I bit the bullet earlier this year and bought a heavy duty chain riveter which makes joing the chain easy and almost fool proof as you cant over crimp the soft rivet if seated correctly. In the long run it will save me money on paying to get chains fitted, and i just cut the old ones off with a grinder. I'm sure they do work but i never use the spring clip type links.
  6. very sorry to hear that indeed.
  7. steve p


    welcome and pics of the quad please, we are good at photo shop
  8. Always been a keen fisherman, coarse mainly until 1987-89 spent 2 years working on Ascension Island and caught loads of Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado and lost 2 Sail Fish one day Back in the UK took up trout fishing mainly at Rutland Water and got in the papers a few times with big rainbows and browns. Took up carp fishing and had over 50 twenties then a thirty and packed it up. That was 7 years ago when i bought the bike so thats it for me now. I would like to add that i have had two car accidents whilst being distracted by nice looking lakes rather than tastey birds! Is there something wrong with me?
  9. More Crap than News had a poll going for the ugliest bike of all time, with the following candidates listed: 2003 Ducati Multistrada 2005 BMW R 1200 ST 2007 Suzuki B-King 1995 Bimota Mantra 2003 BMW R 1200 CL 2012 Kawasaki Versys 1000 2008 Honda DN-01 They weren't exactly trying very hard were they... And not a single mention of my ex wife
  10. I came across this man on German ebay and ordered a fiber glass race fairing from him. Good quality glass ready for painting, quite cheap and great service. He also does a good selection of belly pans, fairings, some seat units etc for the street fighter projects and then also good value paddock stands etc. Worth a look through. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/fiberglass-shop/belly-pan.html http://stores.ebay.co.uk/fiberglass-shop/full-fairings.html
  11. Very nice work, i haven't got the vision for anything more than some pro bolt lol
  12. I bought the thermal tops and bottoms and would consider all of the kit if needed. Aldi is a top shop with the tools being good as well and especially the "fury green tomatoes" although they seem to have discontinued those The bike locks and chain look ok as well and as least as good as stuff three times the price.
  13. Thanks mate, i will be taking it easy ha ha after all its a sports bike but yes i know what you mean. I missed out on last year due to being off the road so i would like to go to a few meets this year plus there will be about 40 SP1's and SP2's meeting at the National Bike Museum on Sunday May 12th in memory of Andy Devlin who lost his battle with cancer last year and was an SP1 owner on the facebook site. If anyone here is interested it is open to anyone who wants to hear 40 big twins having the nuts reved off them for a minute i will be pretending lol
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