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  1. Hi Guys, the £350 included rack, top box and fitting.
  2. Nice! I just bought the Yamaha City tank bag. It is great but I have to attach it using clips! I have modified it slightly to make it easier though.
  3. Hi all, I posted a while back that I was looking for a top box and pannier for the XJ6. Well I have bought the top box and thought I would share the results with you. Was a pricy £350 so panniers will be added at a later date! I really like the style of the v46 and cant wait to add the panniers to my XJ6.
  4. Hello All, My old forum name was Yammy but I have asked to change it as I am trying to get all off my accounts using the same username. hope you are all okay and I hope to see some of you on the ride of Respect on Sunday.
  5. Well I have been out on the bike all day today. Met up with a guy on a Triumph and joined him for a ride around. I have had the Diversion for 3 months now and clocked up 3800 miles so far. Getting some panniers and a top box soon, I have spent so much money on motorcycling so far and I do not regret any of it. Motorcycling is a way of life and I have met so many great people. Long may it continue.
  6. Can I change my entry? I have taken a better pic since then
  7. I love riding bikes and looking at them, my mechanical skills and knowhow however are pathetic. I have a 2013 Yamaha Diversion F. I would like to get a new exhaust can, however the exhaust on the diversion is one of those stubby underslung ones. Can I have a new can fitted? and if so will it have any effect on the handling/performance of the bike. I would also like any recommendations as to a relatively cheap but nice sounding one. thanks in advance Dan
  8. Very nice I am getting a new lid tomorrow but nothing exciting, just a plain black MDS.
  9. I work in a school so I have had the last 6 weeks off. Not that I am rubbing it in or anything. Hope your enjoying the afternoon 6 weeks off haha losers!
  10. Hello everyone, I have been away from the forum for a short time but i'm back now. I had my Enhanced Rider Scheme assessment last weekend. You are marked either A being excellent down to D which is a risk. I achieved a Grade B. It was great fun and the instructor was brilliant. Really helped to improve my ride. He did say he never wants to come out with me again as I attract bad drivers. I was nearly cleaned up by a car who decided to turn across the country road onto a driveway, again nearly cleaned up in a town and then I got to test my ABS on a roundabout, as I was about to exit out pulls a car right in front of me! A typical day for a motorcyclist... Well I look forward to the next ride out.
  11. Such a beautiful bike, in Black as well
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