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  1. There has got to be something wrong there I have an 04 B12 and the brakes are brilliant in fact too powerful, one finger is enough two in emergency, so there has to be something very wrong with yours.best go through the lot again for your own safety. just a thought the calipers are central to the disk are they? and not pressing the disk to one side so to speak, I had that once on a triumph, made the brakes almost useless by comparison. Keith
  2. No one yet because F all goes on in the Norfolk black hole for bikes meets, although there a lot of them about ? Keith
  3. It all sounds a bit like the old BMC mini cooper and S when I used to work in a BMC garage, never did like working on them. Keith
  4. Well this is what I have been doing I just have to fit the screen and it is all done, then after the MOT I will sell it and buy another half wreck and do that up Keith.
  5. It is neither one thing or another, and I do not know where the Manx bit come in that always referred to the engine, the feather bed frame could of had any size engine from Norton's in it originally possibly a 600cc Keith
  6. Yes but research so far concludes, lasers are not constant or reliable enough, maybe its the old story if its not broke don't fix it. Keith
  7. Only a Harley rider would do that, something to do with a lack of brain cells, as well as buying them in the first place
  8. I would take it for a longish test ride if I were you, I had an 03 one and while the engine was great it was the most uncomfortable bike I have ever owned and I sold it for that reason also mine had to have a new gearbox at 70,000 it kept slipping out of top gear. Keith
  9. Grounded !!! if it was mine burial would be nearer the mark
  10. I used to go mainly on Sunday but sometimes during the week, I miss it to tell you the truth, but I am hopeing to move to Hastings if someone will buy my place in Norfolk, so if it happens I might be able to go there again, I also used to go to the Ace on occations, l would like to do that again as well. Keith
  11. Well I used to visit both every week for years, but I live in Kings Lynn now and there is nothing like that around here with the exception of Hunstanton in the summer Keith
  12. I agree, you can not just boot someone out now, there should be a verbal warning followed by a letter for the second and the third letter would be the sack, you might be able to get one of those no cure no pay companys to take it up for you, you might as well get any cash you can out of it, as you will not be earning untill you get another job. Keith
  13. I am Retired so I have most of all the time in the world
  14. Oh thanks for that , I will do that Keith
  15. I expect they will be in again, eyes down looking
  16. Thanks I will order one for it. Keith
  17. I got one from Lidl last year the same 140 lbs feet varible runs on compressed air, for £27 very good.
  18. Thanks Vandernator, I take it the sd card does not come with it? Keith
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