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  1. The lighting is so bad I can not make out what is going on !!!
  2. apart from polishing it Nothing it has been peeeeeeeing with rain all day and yesterday and the day before that :-( Keith
  3. Good point Grumpyowl but I still want the sun and dry please I am getting withdrawal symtoms or something
  4. Oh I have got some more 1 People who are still indicating right on a roundabout and then turn left causing you to stop. 2 Drain covers set on the line bikes need to take and no non slip on them making them lethel in the wet. 3 Drain covers set deep below the road level 4 old people who should not be driving any more pulling out in front of you because they did not see you and creeping down the road at 25mph 5 shit flying off rubbish Lorries and spray off the wheels on the artic's 6 Traffic light jumpers I can go on :-( Keith
  5. OH when is it going to stop raining ( I want to get out on the new bike
  6. This is very interesting please let us know how you get on and what the rusult is from DVLA. Keith
  7. Yes you get used to it but the lane layout is bad and does not flow as it should, and it is the only place that I can recall that has a roundabout on top of another one, well more or less, I often wonder if these raod planers drive at all? Keith
  8. Hi dick65, thanks I hope not but nothing yet. Keith
  9. Hi All I am selling my Yamaha Thundercat it is a 2000 model with 35000 on the clock an mot until july no tax and on sorn, it has new master cyl and hell line on the back, new battery, good tyres,good chain and sprockets,stainless steen front pipes and can, alarm, and runs very well, bad points a very small crack on bothsides of main faring panel very small one by the offside indicator and on the corner on the nearside panel but you would have to look for them also a crack on the fork guard part of the front mudguard where someone forgot the disk lock was on, but all have been repaired from the inside, otherwise there is nothing wrong with it and is a very clean bike, I am selling it as I do not wish to keep two bikes having bought a new one, £1400 ONO SOLD http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac122/oslin2011/P1010789.jpg http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac122/oslin2011/P1010787.jpg SOLD
  10. I would forget the Blackbird Jezza, it was the most uncomfortabe bike I have ever owned and the wife did not like it on the back either and if you braked hard in to a corner the linked braking would start to lock the rear wheel, but the engine was great sorry that is the best I can say about it. I sold it after 3 months. Keith
  11. They say the M25 is so bad because they are in the main part urban drivers not Motorway Drivers, still does not excuse bad driving in my book, good job I am not a traffic cop I would have paperwork up the ceiling. Keith
  12. Ah well I did included the field biking, my Dad made up a small bike for me when I was 6 years old, he welded up the frame and fitted a lawn mower engine in, it had a clutch but no gears, I do not remember where the wheels came from but they were both braked, he was in to trials big time, but I have been biking on the road for 49 years and like someone else said my current bike is no 26 as well, here is the list as owned in this odd order, Honda 50 sport (first bike on L plates) Triumph twenty one Triumph speed twin AJS 650 CSR Vincent Black shadow (wish I had it now ) Honda 305 Yamaha YDS3 MZ 250 Royal enfield bullet Royal enfield crusader sports Dot trials bike BSA A10 BSA super road rocket Honda XBR Honda 400A Triumph Trident 900 Triumph Trophy 900 Triumph Trophy 1200 Triumph Trophy 900 BMW R80 BMW K1200RS BMW K75 BMW K75 Honda Blackbird Yamaha Thundercat Suzuki Bandit 1200s (current) sorry if that is boring but some might be interested. keith
  13. Oh why do I think I am going to be the oldest, 59 years I have been riding and still love it, yes I will say it for you an old Rocker and proud of it :-) Keith
  14. Yes they are good but for those running a BMW with power brakes and maybe other BMW it will not work because BMW fit non return valves in the system and they fill the lines from the bottom, the non return stops you vacuuming the fluid out
  15. I had a fan belt go in central London a few years back and called the AA, they told me there was 6 hours waiting, but as I was on double yellow the Police got there first, I told them it had boiled and the fan belt was gone and I had filled the rad up with pints of water from a hotel a few doors down, they said I could not stay there and they would tow me to the garage the AA would take me too, when we got there it was closed until the morning ! so they towed me to another garage and I got a fan belt, I tore up my AA membership card and joined the RAC who have been very good, I do not normally praise the Police but I take my hat off to these two guys and was very thankfull for there help, there not all bad after all :-) Keith
  16. somebody said they used reactalite lenses and they did not have to bother with sun glasses? well that is odd because so do I and they do not change behind the visor as it blocks out uv, so I use a helmet with a sun visor built in. Keith
  17. I wear them with a full face helmet without any problems but have to push them past the lining gently, chose carefully some arms will dig in to you head rather than slide, I have a pair of skull grip straight arm ones that will not go under the helmet, but ordinary ones with thin arms are fine, best to chose metal arms rather than plastic. Keith
  18. Well I think it depends on the kids, I blocked my son from having one because he was a nutter on a push bike and took no notice of any advise I gave him, he is married with children of his own and his wife wont let him have one either, I would of been happy with the Daughter having one and she enjoyed being on the back of mine but when the time came she did not ask for one, she asked for a car which I got for her. Keith
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