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  1. Some bagged up for a few weeks then in service again here, others removed. Unless they are bagged or removed don't risk it.
  2. Chad You got on your local news station, told everyone it was yours previously and you played with the engine etc. I am certain this is why its back with the new owner lol. Bastards need their hands chopping off in public. I bet in China they don't take this crap.
  3. More useless facts. The part worn above with 4mm of tread will work out at £100 for the tyre when compared with a new 8mm Michelin at £70.
  4. def not i sell Michelin energy in the same size for £70 Therefore your new tyre works out with 8mm tread at £8.75 per mm. The part worn say 5mm tread remaining £10 per mm with the potential to cause serious injury or worse. With 4mm tread remaining its £12.50 per mm.
  5. 100% with you on this and many of the part worn have not been inspected thoroughly by an "expert" and are not marked accordingly. I see part worn budget tyres at a higher price than new of the same make. Now this must be good value the seller thinks, what you reckon Stue? £30 tyre + £10 delivery + £10 fitting = £50. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1X-165-60-14-CONTINENTAL-ECO-CONTACT-EP-T-USED-TYRES-/200673967689?pt=UK_Cars_Tyres_RL&hash=item2eb919be49
  6. Why did the prat not contact you before T/cut? He's either scratched it himself trying to get it fitted or expects you to give him £20. If its scratched its not worth £50 so he's a scammer. We all know you would not sell something like he suggests.
  7. Why bother with part worn when new are not expensive for those with 15 minutes of spare time and fit them yourself. Careful with FREE repairs when you will be charged for valve and balance, might be more than the tyre is worth.
  8. If you want to piss him off, he is using a trading name thus is responsible for advising revenue and customs of his activities. Failure to do this will result in an immediate fine and assessment of his earning which will run into thousands which he will need to prove he has not had or pay up. This will be far in excess of the price you paid for the carb. If he is pretending to be a private seller or acting the big business man lol he is up to the neck in crap.
  9. No return policy from ebay. Do I have to offer a return of item. No, as always, you can decide whether or not to accept returns on some or all of your listings. Keep in mind that if you specify "No returns accepted" on a listing, you are still responsible for the full refund amount—including original shipping costs—if a buyer wins an eBay Buyer Protection case.
  10. Not as described. REFUND. They/he can huff and puff until the end of time but he sold "not as described". No such thing as no refund policy especially when not as described and from a dealer who knows better.
  11. Some of us have been fortunate to see the guys above race. Look at the BHP of the bikes they were riding and how they made the bikes perform. Can't he remember? He was surprisingly dropped by Honda in 1992 but had arguably his finest ever moment when he won the Senior race on a Norton after a titanic battle with close rival Carl Fogarty. Quite simply, Hizzy was awesome around the Mountain Course and took two more wins in 1994 before switching his attentions to the British Championship scene.
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