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  1. Wow, he did well to save that!!
  2. Yes I had a test ride on a Thruxton. I prefer the cafe racer look of the Thruxton, but as you said I found the riding position too uncomfortable, whereas the Bonnie is nice and relaxed. I will probably cafe racer it up a bit over time.
  3. Decided I wanted a more relaxed ride, so I have traded my Street Triple in for a 2010 Bonneville SE. First impressions are very good, it's fun to ride, goes and handles surprisingly well. Apologies for the rather crappy pic, it was taken with my phone.
  4. FECK ME!! What an awesome video. Those guys must have balls of steel, or they are completey barking!! I actually shed a tear watching that. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Selling my Frank Thomas Aqua, one piece rainsuit. It's a size large. Zips up the front with velcro adjusters around the ankles and cuffs for a perfect fit. It has an elasticated waist a nice quilted liner that not only keeps you warm, but makes it easier to get on and off and a waterproof pocket inside. Looking for £30 posted.
  6. Well, that was somewhat disappointing!
  7. aceuggy


    Drink, thanks mines a pint.
  8. As the others have said. Get yourself and the bike checked out...in that order.
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