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  1. Does anyone know of a good upholsterer/trimmer at all please. somewhere not too far from Oxford would be good. ta
  2. apologies to those not into sheds, thought bikes/sheds go together like this one with the two sheds stitched into the side of a garage, nice little den
  3. smart READY TO RIDE AWAY? front mudguard to be legal?
  4. Arthur 'Two Sheds' Jackson
  5. made early 80's I think
  6. Worcester was the scene of the end of the English Civil War, Charles finally defeated there in 1651, Parliamentarians captured a fortification the Royalists built on high ground just outside the city to defend the town Parliamentarians then turned the Royalists' own cannon on the town, game over. Charles's army was mostly Scots, survivors deported to America.
  7. 34 images, go to right and click through...sheds sigh http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/gardeningpicturegalleries/8926077/Shed-love-a-selection-of-images-of-readers-sheds-and-sheds-of-the-famous.html
  8. I'm not alone then - having done that myself now think sod the gearbox and use that to check as much speed as possible. Gravel is another matter, dangerous stuff.
  9. just to say City of Worcester was good today - got there early, while waiting for my friend went in a cafe, some female teachers in there (usual good, bad and ugly combination) discussing the emerging middle classes in China - bit much at 10.00 am. Where I work, Aylesbury, half the shops have closed down, not so Worcester. Fab ride, now I've got that far the next step is Wales.
  10. been to 9 of those - don't overdo it, good to have a plan, you will have to hide Mrs Nitrous's mobile
  11. When you think there is a huge variation of motorbikes to suit all tastes, crusiers, commuters, tourers, racers, muscle and enduro so bikers aren't going to agree on everything as we all have preferences. My friend has a CCM R40 600 single but I don't personally like the V look in profile, no doubt he finds my choices odd but heyho we all like the ride and really it doesn't make much odds what bike, what you do to it or too much what it looks like. Having said that I felt a tad uncomfortable on an IAM ride out surrounded by newer and bigger machines some with top boxes most without but I kept up - thick skin needed in incidents of adverse observations I find.
  12. We moved office a month ago, hardly worth going in as the computers are full of unresoved glitches, somebody said a certain word came to mind when he thought of IT (information technology) and one of those words had IT in it. Don't get me wrong, my brother is an IT manager but he works for a top German bank so they are more on the ball.
  13. any plans? Me I tend to fritter time off recovering!!
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