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  1. http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle-racing-news-wsb/andrea-antonelli-in-fatal-crash/23096.html
  2. You did an extra 30 miles trying to find my house
  3. Yes you must still stay on the forum - after all Im allowed on and Ive got a caravan :)xx Thanks not planning on leaving. A lot of good folk on here. Last week on the motorway I passed an old Triumph Stag with the roof Down pulling a caravan I've also seen a Saab 93 with the roof down pulling a caravan. So anything is Poss Mel I'm sure Dave would agree Dave left about 20 mins ago Mel, Nice to meet again. If he doesn't get lost going to the motorway He won't be long before he's back.
  4. Thanks for your comments Lads , I've got a little bored with it all recently just think its time to try something else. Maybe 4 wheels 2 seats and no roof.
  5. I've included it in the deal for Dave Dick. He's getting hydrahaulic lift, rear paddock and front Stand. A Bargain of a Lifetime. I know I'd have got more for these on eBay but wanted one of the members on here to get a bargain out of my retirement from Riding. Looks like someone pulled Rank
  6. Yes Dick, My Bike is for sale, I am hanging my helmet up for good. Bike is on MCN website.
  7. You've got first dibs Dave . I'll take some photos and sizes and email to you
  8. I'll try and sort some photos tomorrow and dimensions. Thought I'd give members on here first dibs. I'll be starting these off on eBay @£100. But members on here can have them for £100. Collection only from Dronfield Derbyshire S18. Hydraulic lift table (ramp whatever it's called) Heavy duty used with 1200Bandit and comfortably lifts my Hayabusa. Rear Paddock Stand and Front Headstock lift stand (has about 6 different size adapters). Perfect for working on bike oil changes. Wheel removal etc no bending down. I paid about £250 for the ramp alone not too many years ago so this would be a great bargain for some one. Cheers Jim.
  9. That's sounds like a fantastic trip, I'd love to do a similar one my self one day. Enjoy
  10. I hope you bought him a chip butty anyway
  11. Sometimes less is more.. Looks good.
  12. Great coast line from Brid to Whitby. That Pizza looked great
  13. Sorry Change of plans means I can't make the ride out.
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