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  1. Thanks for that. Not going tonite but may another night. Will wait until I've met u at sixhills then may tag along. Took me all my courage last night to speak to some lady bikers!
  2. Hi Guys, silly question, I know what MFN means, but where is it? Somewhere Notts way I think. Would like to venture out that way sometime, but as I've no idea where that would be a little difficult. Thanx x
  3. next time come and say hello would be great to meet you, I am always in the corner near the Bin/sk ip Ill do that, I was parked pretty near you from the sounds of that.
  4. Not as busy up there tonight, very cold out of the sun. Chatted to some other lady bikers. Hopefully a bit warmer next week x
  5. Don't think that wud be very easy. You have to fill a form in, show licence and only allowed one per person. So unless someone gets one but doesn't want it. Sorry but I want mine. Its only the bag though no other freebies
  6. I've got mine. Beaumont Leys had ran out but got one from Syston. Its bright!
  7. Hi I'm a newby from Leicester. Ride a cbf600. Passed my restricted test in July. Still working on confidence and gaining experience. Hubby rides a triumph sprint - leaves me behind.
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