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  1. I have been told it looks like a furry octopus is eating my head...
  2. I've only got pictures of me wearing it when it first arrived, I think you can see how excited I am... And yes, if you have great eyesight, that does say XXXXL!
  3. Here's me trying to will a BBQ to cook meat faster!
  4. I've got these - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Global-Vision-Unbreakable-Motorcycle-Sunglasses/dp/B000NL5S76/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1306259175&sr=8-1 And while I can make no claim to looking cool, they have been as tough as advertised and even fit my giant head!
  5. Carl_G

    Draggin Jeans

    Another late vote for Hood Jeans. Mine have been flawless and I like being able to specify the leg length as part of the order. Not that I'm tall but stubby legged or anything...
  6. Carl_G

    Evening all...

    Cheers all! That was a great welcome. And the camp/rideout later in the year sounds a real possibility, this weekend though I'm crossing the Pennines, for the first time on a bike, for a mate's birthday... Looks like it'll be dry enough here tonight for me to continue my tour of Greater Manchester's Biker Pubs, last night I went to Hyde and a drunk woman insisted on me playing her at pool for my bike!
  7. Carl_G

    Evening all...

    Joined today and here's my obligatory hello! I live in Manchester and have had a full license for four weeks, just gutted I waited until I was forty before doing it... Now trying to work out where the bike pubs, rallys and ride outs are!
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