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  1. Cheers for sharing that. lots of really useful info in that thread.
  2. Heres some I rolled earlier. Wish I could remember where i put them
  3. cheers mate. spent yesterday googling to see if i could find anything but struck out. Thinking I'm gonna have to build something inspired from scratch.
  4. I'm looking to start work on street fightering the GSXR at some point this year. I have in my minds eye a front end that features a half fairing in the style of the 750 katana with the pop up headlight. So anybody ever seen replicas of these for sale anywhere?
  5. I won't instead I'll be , weather permitting, pulling the plugs on the Gixxr to see if I can figure why no.1 pot isn't firing
  6. paddock stands .. which turned up the other day (but i'm not allowed to use till xmas) and a new socket set (hopefully). But the thing I'm looking forwards too is the 10 days at home with me family.
  7. Tis the season to be jolly there all out
  8. So If i send you a large box of chocolates I'd win then
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