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  1. Thanks guys, I feel a lot bettter now Really glad I joined this forum now. I know everyone will drop a bike at some point - I will just keep repeating that to myself. I will look into that course - sounds like it may help my confidence Thanks guys
  2. Thanks guys I was expecting people to tell me I was a noob. I was that fixated going "kerb kerb kerb" I dropped it. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Im glad somebody has some faith lol! My confidence is none existant at the moment! Just feel so...so stupid. So its not just me then dropping the bike turning left lol!
  3. Went out for a spin yesterday, went to whitchurch thursday and decided to go to bridgnorth yesterday (sunday) on the way back bricking it wasnt the word - had to ride through the junction where we had the accident, I have only been on the bike twice..I just completley lost focus, pulled into my street and...dropped the bike. I know exactly what i did, i coasted around the corner, wasnt going fast enough and felt her dropping - so I just let her go. Put a brave face on and tried to laugh it off in front of the hubby and mate - "well..im an official biker now i dropped my first big bike" but i feel the worlds biggest prat. I mean..its biker 101 really isnt it? Cant even go around a blummin corner and I drop the thing? Its really...really knocked my confidence and feel i shouldnt be on the road im still so nervous at junctions im not going as fast as I should and his dad is moaning im cornereing too slow. Sorry for the rant - just on a bit of a downer.
  4. thabks guys, i did indeed take business elsewhere and got what i was after
  5. Lady_Loz

    Hello boys

    Hi guys!! Thanks for the welcome!!!
  6. Thanks guys! Fell better now! Unfort those are the only local stores I know, apart from one in Brierly Hill :/ Will have to start hunting elsewhere now for my bike gear x
  7. I have had a few, er, troubles the past few days..and would very much like to ask you lovely lot for some opinions, as its left me feeling a bit, deflated about my riding. Went to streetbike the other day, as my boots are knackered and looking for some new ones, and I need leather bottoms as im wearing borrowed ones! while there was having a look at the bikes (as you do) as some guy who worked there was, in my opinion, a total dick. He came up to me and the hubby, asked him what he was looking for, said, "oh were here for the wife today" so he turns, looks at me and i quote " aahhh..... think your in the wrong section sweetie....you need to be over here....." then directs me to the scooters I told him no..i have my licence..and already have a bike. to which I got " aaahhh.. i think you mean your CBT love...not you licence" I told him I did, and he LAUGHED at me! Needless to say I just told hubby we were leaving. Yesterday in 2 stores I was looking at bottoms (leather ones.. ) and asked if they had any womens with knee sliders. just got a stare and a "WHY?" So i said..the same reason other people have them? Im baffled. Left there too. Is it me? Im thinking maybe i shouldnt be let loose in bike stores and shop online. Am i missing a trick here? Sorry for the essay!!!
  8. Lady_Loz

    Hello boys

    Hello! It's Jay's Jay's wife! He has finally beaten me down to join on here!!! I will be posting a new topc in a bit I would like some opinions on lol! I very kindly asked him to take down that pic, as my, er "Mirrors" seemed to be rather on display! I will post up some piccys though if i get the courage up to go for a ride soon! After 2 years offa bike ( My TZR siezed on me at 90 and locked my back wheel up) then after being in an accident ( i was the pillion) im shitting myself now getting back on one! Think the time may have finally arrived! You all seem like a friendly bunch. So hello!!!!!
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