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  1. Just remembered, I did like Tintagel Castle. Not much there but a great location, a good walk down to the ocean then a climb up to the castle remains. Perfect place to defend and hold up.

    Have you been to St Micheals Mt Dave ?
    Mont St Micheal in France is bigger and more impressive but the Cornish one is certainly worth a look if your that way inclined...

  2. Quite like Cornwall.
    Went after the GP last year.
    Eden Project, Jamaica Inn, Lost Gardens of Heligan, St Micheals Mt, Lands End. Rented a house at Port Mellon next to Mevagissey. Took my old Dad around a few of the huge old pump engines. Did the cliff walks to Gorran Haven with my sister. Wife liked most of Cornwall except for Newquay which she said was "too tacky", I liked the fact I could get Chicken Tikka Cornish Pastys!

  3. Autumn starts on Tuesday. Was a little cooler today.
    Went out at 6.30am for a quick 232K (145 mile) lap.
    Home for breakfast before 10am. Looking forward to some cooler days.





  4. No mention of it here yet but at least Suzuki are starting to do the right thing. I'm guessing its not a Suzuki part but one that's outsourced like calipers, tyres, ECU's etc. Still, its down to Suzuki to take responsibility for their suppliers.

    Much as I dislike the US's "we will sue you" attitude, it does set a presidence that makes it hard for other country's to ignore such issues. Many of our recalls start in the US and I'm not sure they would be so motivated without the "see you in court" culture.

  5. I recently worked out my bikes horn becomes "live" when the ignition is on. Obviously gets to sound by the button giving it earth. I ran a relay switched by the horn to feed my accessories (wasn't sure about overloading the horns feed) now any accessories are only fed when the ignition is on. Stops me being a dumb-arse and leaving stuff powered up and draining the battery.

    I'm piss-poor at electrics but it seems to be working.

  6. went into the garage tonight and fired up the bandit .it hadnt ran since september  and fired  first touch  thumbs

    I've had a couple of bikes in the past that have been stood down / parked up due to holiday travel, work, weather, needing tyres etc.

    We being real busy (and lazy when I'm not) I rarely swap my trickle chargers from bike to bike.

    Busa and B-King with their immobilisers, relays, fuel pumps etc have been know to go "click" and not fire until I charge the battery's or frighten them with the jump leads.

    The mighty Bandit, crude and simple, might spin slow but it almost always fires up, cough's, and comes to life.

    Harder to kill than cockroaches... thumbs

  7. Managed to get out on the 14 today, scrub the new rear tyre in.

    Weather was nice, got in nice lazy 781K's (485 miles)

    Would have been more but I had to get back as I'd promised to go out tonight.








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