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  1. Haha, glad you liked it, the whole ped is held together with duck tape lol.
  2. Thanks lads should be on the road with my full test in the next few weeks if all goes to plan
  3. Thank Lee being such a long process this polishing, but will be worth it then end
  4. Thanks for your feedback almost ready for the road just no where near ready to how I want it lol, and im not sure Chad.
  5. Cheers lads been such a learning curve this bike lol.
  6. Been a long time since I posted, so heres the bike so far Tail light on, need a new number plate ? lol sneaky pic of my knee down. from front quick polish, nothing amazing. see part of the frame polishing.
  7. Thanks mate i'll have to start coming back on here again, I'll upload the pictures of how she is looking now mate
  8. Dave asked for his tights back didnt he ?
  9. On my little 50 a huge top speed of 60 down hill wind behind me and at top red line lol. Been on the back of a bike doing 150 thats the quickest ive been
  10. Im hoping mate, would be alot of money wasted if it looks crap lol.
  11. He would kill me moving his stuff! got a right problem with me moving it if I dont ask, thinks im gonna brake it.... Anyway, got the speedo all sorted and working as it should now! got the mounting bracket made, and had another go on the heel plate. Lee or anyone, have any idea what would be the best thing to protect this ? wanna polish the frame aswell.
  12. The garage a mess ? na thats an understate meant!!!!!!! dad wont clean it, and when I offer he is like na its fine i'll do it, takes the mick! was falling over everywhere lmao
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