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  1. What a MEGA t**t....!! Think this dick needs to be prohibited from riding anything bigger than a 50cc twist and go.... He couldn't have dug a bigger with the judge so next time she will send him to as he is a bit
  2. going to head out matlock that way Hope you have a good ride......weather looks great Just thought if your riding in the vicinity of Tamworth and want to stop off for coffee your most welcome (sorry can't do bacon butties on our budget :-( ) Still working on getting Soph's Exup on the road......I'm afraid I've hogged the garage a bit this summer.....first with 125's and then with the Bandit. All energy on the Exup now so hope to both be on the road very soon for a ride out :-)
  3. Where you thinking of heading for Dave....?
  4. Happy Belated Birthday wishes from both of us
  5. I stopped the DD with the Bank and will take it to the FSA if I have to. Good for you. I wish you bon chance In fairness to Nashy they were brilliant in repatriating my ZZR when it shat the bed in the south of France in 2010 And since then they have gone down hill BIGSTYLE....I will have to await the letter of cancellation and payment detail before I can write to the FSA and complain about my treatment from Carole Nash. I have insured my Bandit 600cc with Hastings Direct through a comparison from Bike Trader at a price of £186.20 which includes Named Rider, Pillion cover, legal expenses and personal accident. Carole Nash's loss.....and I made a big point of telling the lady on the phone that they have lost my custom.
  6. I stopped the DD with the Bank and will take it to the FSA if I have to.
  7. I've had insurance from Carole Nash on my Yamaha SR125 since 30th April for the price of £121:84 so far I have paid :- 1st May £30:46 30th May £30:46 2nd July £30:46 I phoned today to cancel as I no longer own the bike and was told that they will be taking out ANOTHER £30:46 at the end of the month to which I said you can get My calculation makes £122:14 for 3months insurance!!!! I will NEVER be using the Nash scam in the future.
  8. Engine one is back together.....just got a little adjustment to make and engine two will be picked up on Tuesday :-)
  9. We threatened to burn her house down lol.........seriously.....she still had the original (matched with frame number) tucked away in her garage (her brother was going to make it into a go-cart.......but judging by the job he's done on the bike....he's as much use as a chocolate tea pot! He has decided to let his sister give it to us as we could make more use of it......also the fact it is the ORIGINAL engine.
  10. Ooooh Cab your so masterful x give us a ring and I'll let you know how things got settled :-)
  11. if your good with the spanner its a lot of fun also if not then time to start Thank you for all the replies......I'm in the garage now with the engine in pieces lol The whole situation is resolved now with an added bonus......2 engines ;-)
  12. The log book unfortunately is with the previous owner to send off to the DVLA. I'm going to phone her this evening to see if she still has it and if she can give me the numbers from it, if it's gone in the post yesterday....I'm a bit stuffed
  13. Hi Stan, Frame and engine numbers are both different, hence the cuts in the engine casing.
  14. Hi Mark, after reading all the comments including yours.......I think I've come to the decision that It's going to be a waste of time and more stress than I can be bothered with to try and get a refund. I'll put it down to experience and do the proper checks in future. Get the bike done up and go for a ride while there is still some
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