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  1. Praise Report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got the condo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We move in on the 1st!! We are very excited! We got the exact condo that we wanted for a great price!!!
  2. Hi!, My husband and I have relocated for a job. We will be applying for a condo tomorrow. We have been staying at an Extended Stay America for about 5 weeks now. My husband and I had to recently file bankruptcy. My prayer is that God gives us favor in the eyes of the Landlord. And he rents to us. We are making plenty of money now to cover the rent. Thank you for praying for us. Danielle
  3. Thank you Lucygirl..I appreciate you taking the time to pray for me!
  4. Hi, We recently had to file for bankruptcy. We had A+ credit until the real estate bubble burst. My husband and I have relocated for work and are currently living in an Extended Stay America. We are going to try and rent. I found a place that is affordable for us and close to my husband's new job. My prayer request is the new landlord rents to us and overlooks our bankruptcy. We need a miracle and God's favor. Than you, Danielle
  5. I wanted to let everybody know who was praying for me that the guy DID NOT get the job. They chose somebody else. We have not had a pay check come in of any kind in 16 months..my faith is crumbling.
  6. hey ladies, (and gents) I posted this morning about our staffing company and thank you for the prayers. We have not heard anything yet. In the mean time there is an opportunity for my husband to get a "Day Job". While our own business is dead (for now anyway) we can at least bring in money to put food on the table and pay bills. They are looking at resume's and will decide on Friday who will get the job and that person will start on Monday. Thank you for your prayers!!! Danielle
  7. Hi everybody! My husband and I run a temporary staffing company. It's like Kelly temp staffing only alot smaller!! We have not had a person on billing for a year and a half--- We just had a client who interviewed our candidate and they say they like him. It's between 3 people. My prayer request is that they choose our guy. They are making a decision today. I'll let you know what happens Thank you in advance for all prayers. It would be such a blessing to have a little income coming in. Right now--and for the last year we have had nothing. Danielle
  8. a few weeks back I asked for prayer for my condo. It was scheduled to be auctioned off on my birthday Jan 7th. It wasn't auctioned off and yesterday we got a letter in the mail saying they modified the loan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wan to thank everybody who prayed for me Danielle
  9. I like that...God's vision then there is Provision.
  10. Hi all, a few weeks ago my condo was to be auctioned off. I wanted to let you know that it was POSTPONED and was NOT auctioned off---I do have a new date of February 7th though. My new prayer request is that they modify it this month and I can go on with life. I've been in modification status for 15 months!!! :(. I also have another prayer request: By faith my husband and I started a company called MobiValet. It's a stylish leather cell phone holder that attaches to the console of the car. We just got back from the biggest trade show for retail in the world and buyers and retailers LOVED it and want to carry it in their stores!!! At this point we need capital to fund our company so we can make more product. I know this idea was a gift from God! He has helped us every step of the way! We need a Miracle now to continue to move forward. Thank you in advance for your prayers!!!
  11. no worries...it lifted my spirit!! Be of good cheer when faced with trials!! I keep reminding myself of this scripture.
  12. Thank you ladies...and yes Cholette I would would love to read a testimony of someone else... it would be encouraging. I'm going to read what you said everyday for strength. I feel so weak right now. I wish I was stronger or had more faith.
  13. The bank wants to foreclose on my condo January 7th--Which is my birthday :(. Please pray that God extends that date so I can get the bank the proper documents they need and that I can keep my condo. I just need a little bit of time...and a miracle! Thank you for praying! I appreciate you!
  14. I will pray for her and her sleep. I was shot in the head and robbed too so I can relate to her and what she is going through. I wasn't saved at the time so nobody was praying for me. She is very blessed to have people praying for her!
  15. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years now. We have seen a specialist and found that my husband had a prostrate issue that affected his sperm. He took 2 cycles of antibiotics and it seems his sperm is "up for the challenge". As soon as he was ok I had a test that showed "low ovarian reserve". I'll be 44 this January. Other than this we are both in good health. I have had at least 8 visions related to babies. A major vision was when i was praying for direction for our house and the vision was God's Hand lifting the roof off of my house--His other hand put a baby crib in the front bedroom. I concluded that God was asking us to stay and that we would have children here. A recent one was a redhead baby girl crawling. My friend who is also prophetic had a vision of my husband carrying a redheaded daughter-This one was 2 years ago. Please pray this will come to pass and God Bless Danielle
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