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  1. Hello all and blessings it has been awhile since being on this site. I am wondering if any of you live in the DC area. The Lord is sending me there to deliver a word and I know nothing about DC. I am trusting and fallowing the leading of the Holy Spirit. I would love to connect with you if you live in that area. Please let me know. Many Blessings to you Beloved ones.
  2. Hello and Blessings I am wondering if anyone here lives in New Orleans? I will be in town and would love to connect. The Lord is sending me there to seek out the land so to speak and I am raising up a new ministry. Please contact me and let me know. Thanks
  3. Hello beloved ones of the most high God!! Oh man I have to say I did not see this coming. Here I had several dreams about getting cancer little did I know well, that they might be literal. I have had dreams that my time was up but yet little did I know, I can possibly be facing that situation. However I truly have peace because I am in my Fathers arms right now. Nine months ago I started having chronic sore throats and when I would speak and do conferences my throat would get sorer. Also when I would speak and preach my voice would strain and I would cough because it also would get real dry all of a sudden. So I lived on cough drops thinking well maybe it was from past neck surgeries believing the Lord would heal me. Also when I ate I felt like my food would get stuck and I needed water to help me swallow the food. There always felt like something was in the back of my throat. Well five days ago the day after I arrived in Oregon I woke up with severe throat pain on the left side of my throat. I could not swallow it hurt to much and I could not speak because it hurt so bad. So I was not eating or speaking and so I went to the ER to see a doctor. Well the doctor and nurses looked at me as if I was crazy waiting so long with those kinds of symptoms. So the doctor ordered at CT Scan and gave me a pain shot. Well the CT showed a small mass on the left side of the throat which was swollen and abnormal tissue in the throat. So the doctor told me what they saw and that he was concerned that I have throat cancer and that he wanted me to see a ENT specialist asap this next week back home in Santa Rosa CA, and that this cannot wait and I have waited to long already. I was a bit surprised to say the least. Here I thought it was from past neck surgeries so I shrugged it off. Granted I did think at one point why would it start years latter then after the neck surgeries. I did mention the problem to my spine doc they did an MRI of the neck and said that the rods were fine. But my Daddy is looking out for me. So I will see a regular doc on Monday so they can send me to a specialist asap. I am still not able to eat and or speak without pain. I have been drinking just liquids for now because I am still in allot of pain. So I will keep you informed as to what the outcome is. I still plan on going to Leader school school in Sept, but time will tell. My faith and trust is in the Lord and I believe He will cover me. No matter what, I have peace truly. I know a daddy who loves me and always holds me and takes care of me. I stand for a cancer free outcome. Love and Blessings in Him Jeanie
  4. Hello dear ones. I am excited to post what the Lord is doing and where I am being led by the Lord. I am moving to the Five cities area to go to Leadership school. I am wondering if any of you on here live in that area. I am looking for a room to rent in the Grover Beach or, Oceano California area for my dog and myself. If any of you live there I would love to connect with you and if you know of anyone willing to rent a room act please let me know. I would so appreciate it. I so look forward to hearing from you my family in Christ. Blessings Jeanie
  5. Hello Precious ones. Dream I was traveling into different areas of the U.S. Like in real life. Anyway a man comes to me and says,"I can get you the blue prints over each city if you like?" I said, " Yes I need a machine that is like a tripod to scan the whole area so I know what it needs or what the mandate is." The man said," We can get you a disc that has all the blue print information on it. I said," No, I need to see it for myself in order to really understand what I need to be able to help these cities out not a clone of something already done." Or something like that. Anyway the man said, I can get you whatever you want just ask me. I said okay thank you.
  6. Hi all and many blessings. I felt compelled to ask if anyone on this forum lives in Carson City or Reno Nevada? The Lord is having me go there to pray and intercede over the state capitol and He has revealed some other things which I will release upon arrival. I am wanting to know if anyone who lives there can meet with me and connect with me while I am there, Since we are all apart of Gods big family. Blessings and hugs.
  7. Hello all and blessings. I need prayer as I have been asked by a ministry in Africa to help teach a mission school. However they want us there by Sept 12, 2012 and I am like well Lord it is hard for me to think I could get there in such a short time but not hard for the Lord to do it. I need finances ASAP. Please pray for a financial miracle. Blessings
  8. Thanks so much have yet to go to Florida. I am heading to Iowa right now to pray of the state. Blessings and thanks so much for the info. Blessings
  9. Amenie! I am hitting the road now please continue to pray. Thanks
  10. Attention Beloved friends! I humbly come before you for prayer for a life that hangs in the balance right now. My friend Todd Spencer was in a horrible accident three months ago and has been in a coma living off a ventilator because of a damaged brain stem. Well my friends Connie and Bob , Todd's parents took Him off the Ventilator a couple of days ago and that is when I personally began to have a burden over Todd's life without knowing they had done that until I talked to them on the phone this morning. I was asked to come lay hands on Todd and pray for a creative miracle in His brain and life. I must say it is an honor to be asked to do such a thing and yet a heart wrenching thing at the same time! Well time is ticking and Todd was moved to Denver Colorado at the Kindred Hospital there. I am praying for the provision or my gas to be stretchered to go to Denver, and to make it to Texas. Right now my faith is in the Lord to provide what is needed to make it to the Hospital in Denver by early tomorrow morning. Pleas stand with me for a creative Miracle for Todd and for the Lord to have His way and His will through this. I desire to see the Lord glorified through Todd's life. My heart is broken right now for Todd and I am in tears writing this letter to you but the Lord knows best. Please pray for Todd's Parents Connie and Bob as they are standing in faith and they need to be comforted in this time. Please keep me in prayer for traveling mercies. I am planning on leaving tonight and driving through the night to get there by tomorrow morning. Please keep me in prayer for traveling mercies. Also please ask the Lord to provide all that is needed for this unexpected early trip. Please send this to every prayer chain you can. Jeanie
  11. Hi Shan I have had 26 surgeries between spine and feet and a couple other areas. I am having lots of spinal issues and was wondering how good the medical is there and if there is allot available there. Here we do not have very many options as far as doctors and medical needs met. Housing is a huge problem here there just is none. So my adventure in Christ begins. lol I know He has a plan and will work it all out for my good. I Pm you. Blessings dear one of the most high. Oh yes it is beautiful here however not much to offer as far as other things that are needs.
  12. Hi shan I am traveling there next month. I am looking for places with better medical there, and economically as far as housing. I am taking off with the Lord to see where He will place me but here in Oregon no housing/ medical is the worst I have ever seen it. So with all that said, " How much are the one bedroom rentals like there? Is there more available medical for disability patients? Etc. I am not sure of you know that or not. I am excited about it that is for sure. I am hoping to meet people in that area I know a small few from missions but other then that I do not know many. Thanks so much for responding dear one. Blessings Jeanie
  13. Hi all I am looking for people in the Florida area, and Texas area because I have some questions in regards to medical and financial information. I am going on a road trip because the Lord called me to do it, but I am also trying to find a new place to plant myself in Christ, and I am looking at these two areas. Please let me know if you are living in these two areas. Thanks so much and God Bless.
  14. lol HA HA HA HA HA Amenie.. GOOD WORD! BA HA HA HA HA!
  15. HA HA true flight! I am 45 and God is calling me to do this so I need my youth like an Eagle to take flight. lol Thank you and Bless you dear one.
  16. Thanks so much and I covet your prayers.. May the Lord bless and cover you as you walk in the level of His love and anointing in the days ahead. A leader like David rest in your heart. Blessings to you drear one.
  17. Hi all I wanted to share with you, On my Birthday in May the Lord told me to sell everything and travel the U.S. for awhile. I had tons of confirmation that this is what the Lord is calling me to. This is not something I planned or expected to do however the Lord has His reasons. I know many will not understand this kind of thing and that is fine. I however am looking forward in this journey with Him. I am asking for prayer as I leave on July 1, 2012 to begin the road ahead. Thanks so much. Jeanie
  18. Thank you so much for all your prayers. I tell you I need it for sure and so do the ones who are fighting for their life. I am praying the Lord will bring Todd out of the coma. Yes lost 6 people in six months that is allot of mourning I am trusting the Lord for everything right now. Love and blessings
  19. Thank you so much Astra I sent it to her. Many blessings to you.
  20. Update on Todd still in Critical condition. Here is a statement from his mom. 4/20/12 -- Dear Friends: Just wanted to report on Todd's condition. Yesterday was very discouraging with kidneys & liver not doing well. Fever was high from a urinary tract infection. For a few hours, my faith wavered because I was walking by sight and not by faith; but this morning I got victory from reading the Bible and talking to my dear pastor on the phone. He assured me of thousands of prayers going up to God daily and told me to concentrate on GOD'S GREAT LOVE. He told me to "count those things that aren't AS THOUGH THEY WERE." My faith is back! Please keep praying for our Todd. Thank you! Love Connie.
  21. Hello precious friends. I want to thank you for all your prayers for my friends and it has been a very hard season thus far with just losing so many people. I know the Lord is with them now and He is dancing with them. Please keep the walker family in your prayers as they walk this this mourning time as well as my other friends the Smiths. I received another email this morning from my friend Ange which her sister is who we were praying for. Her name is Trace and she was the one that was bleeding Internally in her lungs.Well she passed away yesterday. Here is the email I received from Ange. Thanks so much for your prayers and fasting Jeanie! Unfortunately Trace passed away yesterday morning. It was a roller coaster week in the hospital withher but she felt the end was coming when she didn't cope after the operation she had. She was worse off and it was a mattter of time before the med team agreed and weaned her off the ventilatory support. I have to trust in this with all the prayers she has received that she has had an encounter with Jesus and gone to heaven. She didn;t want to know about God before she was sedated so it is all left to His Grace, love and mercy for her. She has suffered much in her life with sickness and hospitalisation. So I feel she is in that better place now with God. I was glad I was already home with parents and not out in Africa. Love Angex Thanks for all your prayers my friends and may you be richly blessed.
  24. Latest update. I tried to post a pic on here but could not figure it out. Dear FB friends & loved ones: Just wanted to give you an update on our Todd. I'm smiling in this picture because God has spared Todd's life. He had a set-back last night, so continued prayers are necessary. Things to pray for: 1) his liver to start working properly; 2) he has a high fever which needs to come down. On the positive side, his vital signs are excellent. He will be out of ICU by next Monday, God willing. I thank our God for EVERY prayer you all are praying. Keep it up! Love to all. Connie Blancette. My cousin had the emergency brain surgery last night she is in allot of pain and had one more surgery to go through. Please keep her in your prayers as well. I have not heard from my friend on how her sister is doing last I heard they were doing emergency surgery on her sisters lungs because she was bleeding internally. However I am still believing for miracles. Thanks Jeanie
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