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  2. Depression is a nasty business. I discovered it has a lot to do with the way you think and the thoughts you entertain. Positive thinking is a key - but also to get to the roots of what thought pattern are triggering the depression off. We often have deep rooted strongholds(thought patterns) that need to be dealt with and they are normally a result of childhood issues - circumstances thru life. Pay attention to what keeps on bringing you down. Get a journal and write down what you are thinking and ask the Lord to renew all the thought patterns that are not of him -and healing in areas that need healing. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds. TRY turn everything into something good - just as GOD does with us. Rom 8V 28 – And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them. NLTFINDING THE SILVER LINING! The verse above says that God turns all situations and circumstances into something positive for His children. I want to swing this around and say the ball in now in your court. Lets take a character trait of God – and work towards becoming like Him. Finding the positive in everything – and turning the negative into something worthwhile. You can either be in survival mode IN YOUR circumstances/life – or you can be like father God and turn it into something beautiful to enjoy, seeking ways to make it GOOD. Let me give you and example; My baby developed a habit – whilst I had a lack of support and sleep – husband was not around – to wake up at 4 in the morning. This was not happening before and you can expect to get added pressure in circumstances when it feels like you can’t take anymore. So I would tediously try and get him to fall asleep again – holding him, trying everything so I could get more sleep – this did not work and by the time he fell asleep I had to wake up for my day to begin anyway. The result – wasted time – fustration. So I decided to turn it into something poistive and I said to the Lord that clearly I’m being woken for a reason – I’m going to use it for more time in prayer. This produced such good fruit at the time It really helped me in the situation to be victrious like only prayer can. And so I continued to find the silver lining – I searched for ways to turn everything into GOOD – as my Father does in my life. This helps us to keep a positive attitude and keeps circumstances from predicting how we should be feeling. YOUR ATTITUDE DETERMINES YOUR ALTITUDE – so fly high everyone – look beyond the window pain – there is a beautiful sky above with open air.
  3. maybe, letting go of the way you used to view HIM, letting go of what he once was in your eyes. or may still be. Forgiveness or old opinions and ideas of HIM - in order for God to usher in your new husband - meaning your old husband - as a new man! just a thought - have not taken the accuracy test.
  4. a huge pleasure! keep on keeping on sister.
  5. HI The reason people are saying you should not be in a relationship right now is because you need to be made completly whole and heal from the past relationship. SOmetimes we cover up our empty gaps and scars before God can heal and fill up those areas with him. The best thing to do when coming out of a bad relationship is not getting into another one. God needs to heal and sometimes we allow another person to come and cover all our hurt and undealt with insecurities and then - they appear at a later stage in our next relationship. Keep it to friendship - till God has established his love and security in your life. God may want to show you that HE loves you the most and you are beautiful, special and wanted by Him.
  6. Hi there You may have been prayed for - for rejection but that does not mean people will stop rejecting you. That will happen right through life, however God wants to restore and bring healing, so when you are rejected by people that it does not rock your world but rather that your self worth is determined by HIM and His word. When someone rejects you, you need to make sure that you are careful as to what thoughts you entertain, if they are thoughts that agree with person rejecting you or thoughts bringing yourself down or agreeing that you are not good enough - Replace those thoughts with the word of GOD and what God says you are. You don't want to be in a position where you are trying to prove you are worthy of acceptance. You are accepted, in the Kingdom of God. When we seek acceptance from anyone other than God we set ourselves up for disapointment. just a few thoughts. much Jesus love to ya
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