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  1. Okay, I am struggling to believe. I believed at one point that God was confirming some things to me through my dreams. I still do believe this. But the battle with confusion comes when my pastor speaks against what i believe God is telling me!!! Now, don't get me wrong i do my best to honor my pastor but i am in a terrible position. i will believe God above anyone!!! But the situation does seem hopeless. And people say that it don't take God that long to do something. I have even stepped out on faith and even though it's not over yet it is looking like i am about to sink. I don't want to look like a complete idiot. i can imagine now how noah felt. I just need some encouragement. I know when God is speaking to me through my dreams. But because my pastor feels different about the situation she told me that my dream can be from the devil. It's possible but i choose to be led by God not man. i guess i gotta just stand and continue to wait on the lord. Though my pastor feels i need to make a move. Lord help me!!!
  2. sounds like the enemy is quite upset about losing your husband!! but praise God because he has you covered. The battle is not your's!!
  3. Thanx lola!! You know that is very hard for me to do because i guess i, well i don't really know why!! He can tell me something and of course i don't listen only later to find out that it was God speaking through him. Wow, but i get it now!! I always just see his flesh, I never paid attention to him spiritually. In the years that he and I have been separated God has taught me so much. I hate the fact that i have been so stubborn and that it took me so long to learn. I even wonder now if it is too late. But I can say that God is the best teacher. When God is finish teaching you a lesson you have no choice but to haved learned!! Can i get a witness?
  4. sisterinchrist, i know it's hard!!! But God is able. Don't allow the enemy to discourage you. Put on your garment of praise and your mood will change!! You will find a job. Giving up is not an option young lady!!! LOL!!! I will be praying.
  5. Please join me in prayer concerning my marriage being reconciled. I believe that God is leading me to leave the place i am in to go where he is. i have to uproot to do this. it is very heavy on my heart. In 2007 i heard God shout "2008". My ex husband came to texas for his 2nd time. And at that time he asked me to sell the house and move back. Well i just knew that it wasn't God's will. Well in 2009 on my bday I had the dream of me holdinga cake with a number eight candle in it and i was walking around the airport. and towards the end of the year i had the dream where I was told to loose him if i wanted my husband God said. I am requesting prayer bcuz the situation will be a great step of faith. I am wondering if it is too late because i waited and waited. What is making me prepare now is I am feeling as though my season is over here and my work is done here. It hurts though bcuz i have met some wonderful ppl. But i will say that many years ago, i was told that i would only be here for a season. But It was hard to believe once the season came to an end.
  6. @ lola21 plz read the dream i posted in the dream and prophetic section bcuz that will help u to understand better. i really need undertanding. the man is my ex husband.
  7. I had a dream. In the dream i was told to loose that man if i want my husband God said. This man looked as if he needed help. And nobody else wanted to do it. How should I take those instructions???
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