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  1. I feel really blessed to read through some posts, How is every one?
  2. Thank you, i think i need to 'make time' to spend with Him. I will read Romans and think about what you said. I was so strong in my faith but feel very weak right now. So lost and without a focus or a purpose. I know God is the answer but i feel so quiet and vacant when i try to spend time with Him.
  3. Please pray for me that i will come into alignment. I have been unsettled in many ways for a while now, i have come away from intimacy with Father God and have sinned. I need to know His love for me, i need to make some changes. I want to walk in His ways but dont know what they are. I want to spend time with Him but never make the time, when its quiet i dont know what to say. What is God up to? Its like He got switched off for a bit.
  4. I know it shouldnt but it does, i never want to make the wrong desision encase i get it wrong, if everything is going well for someone else i look to see why and i want to do that, im easily influenced, I need to be God influenced. God was saying that to me yesterday as well, if he gives me a good Christian friend, i will turn to them and not to Him, i need to learn this. He has a plan
  5. Hi dreamster I hear the voice and its conflicting, depends who im with and who i talk to
  6. It occured to me yesterday that Iam filled with the Holy Spirit yet im not always lead by the Spirit..... Is God in the driving seat, am i doing what He wants me to do? Am i listening and living by His promptings? Or am i still in control, Where do my thoughts become HIs thoughts and His ways become my ways in the ordianry everyday bits of life? Im learning the fruits of the Holy Spirit, its an ongoing thing, but being lead by Him, my life and agenda laid down His will in me...is He leading me? Or am i?
  7. pooky

    one low flame

    Thank you, i know you are right, its like i need to stop being distracted and be still. I am excited in a way, God has been unloading me of responsibilities and stress, I now have a slow. peaceful, organised life. I sense that God wants me to dig a well of His prescence in my home, so that eventually others will come to drink. It is that hunger that i need, without it, praying and reading my bible is something i feel i 'should' do. It used to be something i loved to do, i need that hunger back. I used to be passionate about checking out the Hebrew and Greek in my concordance, i used to write all day but now the passion has gone, but i havent given up! I think i will put on some worship music and pray in the spirit
  8. I have known the fire of God, experienced it, loved it. I believe God has appointed me as a spiritual fire starter. But i feel alone, I know a coal away from the fire goes cold, i know i should be surrounded by strong, 'onfire' Christians, but im not, i try to spend time with God, but its hard, im worried my flame will go out. Please pray for me to be part of a group that will keep the fire burning xx
  9. Glad im not the only one, everything was going fine with me until.....some hormones rocked my boat, ive had two days of feeling unhappy, wondered if its a spiritual attack? ive wanted to hide my face and cry and at the same time needed love and sympathy but not understood whats wrong. God was so funny, i was sitting on my sofa in a sulky mood, having just been moody with my family when i put on God TV, i watched Joyce Meyor teaching on 'sitting on your sofa, being moody and wanting everyone else to cheer you up'. She preached my exact situation, even though i love her teaching i wanted to turn the TV off, inside it was like my spirit was laughing at my sulky flesh. Time to grow up me thinks, and choose to get over my feelings
  10. Thanks for that, so...God doesnt change His mind? He gives us what we ask for even tho He knows a better way? What if God refused to give them a king? I suppose they would have appointed one anyway?
  11. i was reading 1 Samuel and the people of that time wanted a king, not Judges, Gods original plan was for His people to be led by Him through the prophets, then through the Judges. He had them set apart and different from the other surrounding nations. The people rebelled and wanted a king, so God spoke to Samuel about it and told Samuel to annoint Saul as king, God changed His mind. He knew all about it and the general cry of the people was to have a king. As i read it i thought.....what if God does change His mind? What if a nation cried out to God for something....what does my nation cry out for? Money? Fashion? lust? What if we cried out for something better?
  12. Cholette, your words 'practically friendless' really stuck out there for me, I have cut so many people out of my life and the ones that remain are a drain on me. I dont know where i fit or what iam supposed to do? I could say im lonely but i dont really feel it, i have to watch my thoughts tho, because the devil tries to get me comparing and 'feeling'. I trust God 100% and know that He has a plan for me and this season is a part of that plan. When i need a friend or need to talk i go to God, but today i wish He had arms and ears x
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