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  1. thanks i am better now. still hanging there. Thanks for your prayers
  2. I leave because i want peace now i am going through very trying time. This was my previous link /t16606-re-husband-should-go-away-for-good-without-problem-or-i-die 1. I need good and peacable accomodation for kids as soon as possible...i have been rejected by the ones close to their school ..since i am recieving aid from social or another race i dont know. my kids are very sad and want to go back to their dad. i have been praying for a miracle apartment close to the kids school. 2. i have been looking for a morning hour job so that i can be there for the kids in the evenings. i work jsut 2.5 hours in the evenings. 3. my daughter is having problem with her school and the women shelter too...she is feeling the problem between me and the dad 4. their dad threatens to take custody of the kids (which i knew he cannot care for them) and tells them i am the fault whenever he gets to see them and say i cannot take care of the kids. now my kids are getting into troubles here and just want to leave the home. we have stayed too long. They are asking me why has God not giving us our new house uptil now. My 7 years old daughter say she does not believe God is real or hears. Imagine she sneaked away twice to her dad place without my knowledge thinking she was in the kids playroom. Just 7years old!!! i need help..i have been personal in prayers for some weeks now.. i dont know what God is doing or wants me to do. What have i done! i am very sad.
  3. I am still yet to get an apartment for me and kids, the right job to fit my kids time...so many things i need favour for. I cant just do these on my own with the obstacles out there. I need Heavenly Dad help...if not i am despair. He is the only one I got. please keep me in prayers..i have been weak also in prayer/personal time...so distracted...i am asking God alot of whys....whats ...hows..wheres..whichs.
  4. Thanks for princessdelia and others for your prayers. i am officially separated from my husband. The kids are with me. But feeling emotionally down..is this separation blues or what ..or do i still love my husband? Few days after the separation , he needed to see the kids, i saw he has removed the ring...and has a earring on too(he never had this in our years together). I was shocked...i ask him why has he removed the ring...he said because i rejected him...went on ranting what i did etc..i could see he is angry that i did not return back before the offical separation( becas he has to paid child support and remove me from the business etc that he has debts as a result). Meanwhile, i told him 2weeks ago(when he want me back to the house) the only way i could separate and have peace/space i need for now and to heal our relationship is going legal/offically separate because i dont have any family here to stay with nor independent to maintain myself and the kids. if i am independent financially i would not need the govt social help or child custody allowance(they will ask him to pay which he cant afford). So by removing the ring means what? i feel so sad after seeing this(the missing ring and ear ring). he does not realise anything about our relationship and still angry too. I feel so sad and down...since he has decide to continue to the next lady( We have official 2years before the finally divorce). Meanwhile we are suppose to meet with his and mine pastors in the coming weeks about our marriage. right now i just feel sad and dont know what to say.
  5. Thank you all once again for your prayer support. Today i was able to sit down and talk candidly and to assess my husband why does he want his family back ..for real(self realisation) or to avoid paying family support and the business name? I told him yes we can have the second chance at our marriage starting afresh, marriage couseling, soul couseling, courtship etc for the good of us and especially for the overall health of the kids...but i am not packing back until there is change and that i need time for myself. But i realised he still has not realised that we have been in a abused/unhealthy marriage relationship and why i have to separate. He talked about the bills, court case and child supports he has to pay(he has no money for all these) and that if i want to go ahead with the official separation he will go direct for divorce and fight for the kids custody not minding bringing false accussation against me and on the business or run away with the kids etc. At the end i told him i love him but i want us to rebuild our marriage and sure this will involve the costs like child supports, my name from the business and living separately until we can get back together in same house... But if he does not want he can go ahead and file/fight/false accused me but knowing that God will fight for me and the kids. In the end, i told him whatever he chooses and if he loves the kids, he should leave the kids out of our issue if not he will regret(fall in the pit he wants to dig himself). I told him to communicate to me what he has decide to me...at least i will know. Please pray for me and especially for my kids. A friend told me some weeks ago she had a dream where my husband ran away with the kids to(i know he cannot care for the kids even though he loves them) his country. I want my kids to grow up knowing God and stable. Pray that God will turn all evil plans or ways he(my husband) wants to choose against me and the kids to nothing and to realise that God is with me and i am for his(husband) good. Thanks
  6. Thank for this advices. i intend to be very cautious. i donot intend to get back. i love my independent.i am still sticking to my guns. He wants us to meet..maybe on sunday. I want to tell him if he is not ready for those conditions and demonstrate in the course of the months a change and let just be friends for now and prayer over it with time and if Gods willing shall be together again. But if not then God has other plans. i really need advice from you guys. Anyway i have been praying asking God for wisdom and direction should i give him a chance or not , does he mean it, etc...and if at all i will give him a chance we have to start all over again with the relationship as friends until i see and and i am convinced...if not it is byebye. Everyone has to be involve with me on this ..pastors, family, godly friends etc before any attempt to go back.
  7. thank u all. now i got a call yesterday that my husband want is family back from a family friend because he does not have my new tele no.. i was like after 2 months separation.. and our official seperation is just in 3 weeks time. What does he means. his he serious. so i asked him is he ready to pay any cost to get his family back. He answered his family is his number one priority so he is ready to pay any cost for it. so i remind him the first conditions i laid before i left him and the cost of paying back the people that have help me this 2 months and to write and sign officially his intentions to the women and government authorities who are helping me. That is if he really what his family back. Or else i am still going ahead with the Separation/Divorce. So i gave him time to think. So please just pray and let me know what is this. I have already made my mind to separate but is God in this?..i just want peace in my life ..i dont want more trouble.
  8. I forget to add. My husband was able to see the kids for the first time i left but what sadden me is that he is trying to bring the kids into our issues. The first thing my daughter said to me when the dad brought them back was that dad said you dont like him anymore is that true mama? i was speechless how could he ? meanwhile i tell the kids good about their dad. i have been praying ever since for my kids. i know i cant stop him seeing them or saying things to them but please pray for Gods intervention too.
  9. thank you all for your prayer support. God granted me favour with the social aid inspite of my name in my husband business.they are helping me now ..so i am so grateful. 2ndly i went to see an apartment which is better situated close to my kids schools and my job. And exactly the range the social welfare can pay. The women at home were so surprise that i could find a place so soon while some have to stay up to 2 years in the public home still searching. Geting an appartment in the city is very very impossible becos of demand and high cost even for a foreigner is worse. I know God is my source and Godfather. But we are still waiting for response from the owner whether he is giving us or not. this is one week now. I dont know why he has not..the women head as made several calls but could not get him..meanwhile he has promised her to give the apartment. Today she send an email we are waiting for the response. Please pray for us..i really want us to start settliing down fast ..that is my kids...is not easy for them in the public house. I have left this matter in Gods hands Good or bad. Because i cannot get or secure an apartment here! Only with him it is possible and i dont want to change the kids school the 3rd time neither. i donot want stress for them or me. thanks as u support us and God do for you your desires too.
  10. thank you all for your support and prayers. I am doing well in the social house we are. Just that i some times feel sad, disappointed, betrayed and no future direction. But all the same i feel inside of me i took the right step out away from my husband. oNLY I want your prayer support..i dont have any idea what i would love to do as career to support me and the kids in future ..eg some pple wants to be nurse, social worker etc...for me i dont have no direction/desire. Even thought i once graduate in the university and worked as secretary(i never like it or enjoyed it .. i had poor english foundation with lot of headache..so i have complex there)....now i am like what do i want to do God? i want something i will love not go in jsut for the money even though i need it. Secondly pls pray that my husband will not cause financial problem for me with the business in my name...our official court date of separation is next month. let everything go well in peace. i want to leave in peace and with no debt. thirdly.. the social welfare asked me to look for accomodation. And getting accomodation here is so so expensive(social help have a set range to help but is little) and i dont want to change the kids school the 3rd time again( we had just changed them because of my separation). i need a miraculous peaceful and good accomodation close to my kids school. am i asking too much? i need a miracle only God can do this! if not it is going to be stressful for me and the kids if it is far away and also out of town. i am not mobile. 4. since yesterday i have been looking for my kid nintedo large ds...a birthday gift from the dad... and unable to find it. She left it in the social kids playroom. my kids happen to be the only big kids in this home except a 2yr old. we are not many living here. so who did away with it? My kid is so sad and angry ..I too...that i prayed bad for that person. Is so unfair. i have told the head of the home. I need that nintedo returned. I know this is easy for God. i want to stop my cleaning job so tht i can take care of my kids but afraid to do so..is not easy to get a job as a foreigner. i work in the evenings to 8pm. so it difficult for me and my kids now tht i am alone. i need a job within their school time...most cleaning jobs are so early or evenings or midnights. Though social welfare will support me since my kids are still very young...but securing a job after is something else here. i am thinking of continuing my language course and go more school until my kids are grown. Just like i said above, i dont have a clue what i want to do or should do. Thanks once again.
  11. i have finally left. Pls i need prayers for me and my kids. we are in a abused women home right now . thanks you for your prayers and advices. specifically, favour to get settle down and new apartments, school change, favour for my job(right now i have to stop my 6am job because of my kids school) that i can change to another shift(this would be the second time, d 1st was becos of my husband) and that every evil counsel my husband wants to carry out will fail. he threatened to go to the police that i kidnapped the kids and that i am unstable and very bad mother too...when he found out that i have left.
  12. He did not accept rather was justifying his assault actions. Also rejected my conditions that he we have already gone to marriage counselling and he had done soul counselling also. And went further degrading me in front of my pastors. Anyway my pastor want to see both of us separately because for the simple question i laid out, my husband too almost 2hrs talking angrily this or that reason that i want to end the marriage that i am stupid and that i am attracting curses that i will only see tears when i leave.. kids will turn worst.. etc. Inshort he was quotiing bible and people examples to back his reason... and why i did not attend the new church...i am splitting the family etc. Anyway please pray for me...i have decide to leave(after the meeting i told my pastor my decisions. i am in a mixed feeling mood. I need prayers to help me through...i dont know if i doing wrong or right thing for me and the kids..but i know i cant stay with my husband. But i ask God if he is behind me to leave or stay i need to know through his speaking and confirmations etc. i know some women have waited and the husband change. But my faith has dwindle for the past years in this aspect. Anyway i have few days to leave. my husband is unaware of this. i dont want to make the wrong move in life... i am waiting for God ..just few days till i go.
  13. thanks for the encouragements and prayers. i will keep you informed
  14. I forget to add, i need advice and prayer about this too. is about my Mom-in-law. it has been a silent family rountine we have to eat lunch at her place every sundays except when she is not around. I dont have anything against this..it help me not to cook after church service. And she always tells me that i am like her own daughter.. Really she has been nice in terms of financial support etc But then from my husband in talks he has told me in front of my pastors and subsequently the mom say what is your wife doing the whole day that she can not fix this buttons on your jacket coats or shirt or notice this coat needs cleaning. i felt insulted how could she do that behind me...if i am her daughter as she said and knowing fully well her sons character(she is aware of the marriage problem and of course apologised for his treatment to me and that she spoiled him). this is the first time i have anything against her. I always look at her as my mom even better than my mom. Of recent she only thinks of our kids fate if i go that the social will take them away because i will be working 100percent or my husband will easy get a woman and then i am without one. comments like this hurts me i told her. I dont expect such from her...if she is my mom. And now, what am i doing the whole day in the house? is what her son his telling me and in public. And that i am listen to bad friends. so for some sundays coupled with the recent assualt i have boyscotted the sundays meals. what i should do...i use to regard so high. but i feel betrayed.
  15. this is a followup: Could you believe that the day after we returned from the paid christian marriage counseling we went to(this will be continual but we have to drive out to a border country...someone recommended the christian couple to my husband ), we got into a heat argument(normally i will cowered down for fear of out of control angry display) which he twisted my hand and spat on me twice fully on the face. To cut it short i have forgiven him for that..but tomorow i will be meeting with my pastors with him that he agreed to go for a soul counselling and marriage couselling at MY CHURCH or it is over( he is not aware i went to hospital to document the assault as i was advised,I shall show him this at meeting). After 8 years of hiding this problem from my parents, I had to tell them. but u know they were angry but my parents- mom and sister say i should be aware of our history of divorced in family and makesure i break this cycle so i should not destroy my marriage! They dont care what i am going through going but keep the marriage. Now i donot know what to do.my family are against me too. I know about my family history but years before and after i got married i have been praying about it, done personal deliverance and family deliverance and still praying. But what can i do now if God dont help? I need help and advice...if my husband does not agreed to the couselling thing as above tomorow, then he has to leave us. In the past even as were going to d couseling he ...on the way he complaints about fuel, time wasting as if he is doing me a favour... i am the one that need the couseling. If not because of pastors advice to give him this last chance, i would have already gone direct to the Civil court and abuse women office to end the marriage. But will he change, i know him, he has tried to manipulate me over the few years/months to make me feel guilty or the one at fault. I know him... i am not wasting my time about this soul counseling and marriage counseling chance. A pastor say may be this will b d time he will finallly know God and realise himself. i have hope and pray for this over the years...let God do his will. I listen to this advice not to act harshly. Friends pray for me. And for tomorrow meeting. i did not go to church today because i feel low i know i should but i decide to type this. Is this conditions enough or what else should i demand of him ?
  16. thank you cholette and the rest of your brethren. I am getting strong and i will still keep you guys posted. I am still waiting for the couseling appointment in January. I am also taking heed to your word on be wise, Cholette...i need wisdom in almost every area right now: stressful parttime job, kids care, trying to learn a new language for better career, what career to do etc. anyway may be God is refering to one in particular...i dont know..still praying. Thanks once again.
  17. update. My husband called me to apologise for his behaviour and also to tell me he has contact the marriage cousellor to fix a date. pls still pray that his eyes will be open not just to apologise and continue because i would tolerate it again. I told him he owe the kids apology too. thanks for the prayers. thanks all. i will still keep you posted.
  18. my local pastors are aware of what is going on. But he has change this church again - he hates to submit just want to be in limelight of ministry. I have gone for counselling but no one is going to tell you to leave or stay. this is my decision to make. i have tried all this years to bear and pray but is too much for the kids now that they are getting older. i know most single parents kids have problem because of separation/divorce but also the so called marriage just like mine. And my hsuband has being hammering/threatening if i leave or him the kids will turn out pscho or emotional victims in live or how will i make it alone. I am just praying for my kids because they dont deserve the situation i am in. i will keep you posted. Pls just pray for me continuous
  19. I want you to put me in prayers. I have run out of prayer strenght and patience with my husband. Today I told him to leave the home or stop his aggressive and shouting behaviour and disrespectful outbursts to me and infront of the kids instead discuss and solve matters in a mature way. I know i love him but i cannt longer take it. moreso i heard he was or had affair some time ago which i dont believe. But right now i just want him to go away it is not healthy for me or the kids. i am tire of going over in circle same marriage issues again and again. If i take legal action he or and me is going to lose alot because the business he is run is in my name which i could not take part because he feels i am ignorant etc.His name is already in bankrupcy. up til now after 3 months of saying we will go to a christian marriage counsellor we are yet to and i have been the one reminding him. He does not take it serious but say he is very busy or will it change any thing. i told God to sent him away completely or let me just die. yes myhusband feels i am dependent on him i cannot make it alone with the kids. i want him to be the one to leave. i dont care if i die. I do not blame God but myself for this marriage choice. this is 8 years i have been suffering.
  20. i agree with Sirianta. I hope he was involved with the occult by any chance?...he(you) has to renounce and break any convenant/curse and reject that spirit. This spirit can make him go off and on in his decision for Christ. Just keep praying. Lord open the eyes of my sister dad understanding to see you love him and you are the best for him in Jesus name.
  21. I just come to know by a visiting pastor that the main reason for my financial woes is that witchcraft set up is against me from my family. They want me to suffer and be in poverty..this has explain and confirmed so many dreams i have had..seeing/finding charms and even pple of my family struggling with me. Please brothers and sister pray along with me warfare against this spirit of witchcraft to be disgrace and destroyed and those people( 2 women to be precised) will know that There is a God who is more than their witchcraft. Thank you all.!
  22. Praying for you too. I understand your situation. Mine is bornagain but have a kind of messup esoteria belief with christianity...so we are also on different angle....God will do it!!!..just hang on..i am also since 7yrs hanging on.
  23. i pray that Gods healing hands will touch your joints in Jesus name amen.
  24. Thanks Dove for this prayer i need it badly. So as not to confuse esoteria healing(with energy, pendulum etc which he went inthe past saying nothing is wrong since they proclaim God and Jesus) with Christ way.
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