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  1. Just think of Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah... the Bible is full of infertile women for whom God intervened.
  2. An evil ands manipulative woman who was a once a trusted friend of our family has been working to break my family apart for some time. We found out a couple of months ago. My mother and I have tried to get her to leave us alone. The police even told her not to contact us but she is very manipulative and finds ways. Please, please pray that this woman's relationship with my vulnerable sister will be broken, and that she will be revealed for what she is. Thankyou.
  3. Sweetie, let's look at a couple of the different things here. Firstly, I am waiting for surgery to have both knees replaced. Both my ankles need replaced, too and I have just lost 25lbs. It is possible: just ask for help, move how and when you cn and find healthy destressing methods so you don't turn to eating. Bad sexual place - stop, cut off what you need to and remember new starts are God's specialty. General malaise, hating school - it's a phase. I felt that at your age. Too young for suffering - fraid there is no such thing. I acquired a disabling condition aged 4 and another one aged m14. I cared for a disabled parent from the age of 7. At school and university none of.my peers could understand my very adult responsibilities. Or so I thought. Tured out they hd their own problems. You have all you need to get through this phase of your life. Be proactive.
  4. As far as the east is from the west, so far he removes our sins frus. (PSALM 103).Bad things happen. It doesn't mean you are being punished. And plenty of good things happen too.
  5. Thankyou both for your wisdom. I can do nothing about the situation but God can.
  6. A few years ago I went out one evening with my cousin. At the time he was living with a woman but they were not married. He told me that this woman made him list all the people he spoke to during the day, and that if she met anyone, even an old man, who mentioned they had been speaking to him and she didn't know about it she flew into terrible rages and threw things. In the end he did have an affair because of her behaviour. That night he showed me bruises from where his partner had hit him and said they were poison to eachother; he said the basic problem was he didn't love her. He then told me he'd been offered a job in another country, a remote part of the world, and he was moving there to start a new life. Well, he did move and within 3 months this woman moved out to live with him again. A few years later she got pregnant; he still didn't propose marriage. He was shocked by the pregnancy. It seemed she was still throwing jealous rages etc. Sadly the baby died at the end of her pregnancy and was delivered dead. A few weeks ago they had a second baby. My aunt is puttting incredible pressure on my cousin to marry this woman. She is abusive and unstable but she comes across as very charming and most of my family are taken in by her. The question is: should I betray my cousin's trust and tell ym aunt what is really going on? My cousin is frightened of this woman - she crushes his soul, makes him believe evrything is his own fault, reads his emails, throws screaming fits and has silent days... it's awful. But now there is a baby the relationship can never end. I know I should mind my own business, I suppose, but if in one of her jealous rages she one day really harms my cousin it will be on my conscience for the rest of my life.
  7. It's better that you know than to be ignoarnt, painful as it may be. So sorry, hun.
  8. My rheumatoid arthritis is at all an all time worst... I am taking very expensive superdrugs whi9ch at first worked brilliantly but now do nothing at all. 30 joinbts in my bopdy are affected. I cannot walk, wash, dress etc at the moment and I lie awake at night in pain I can't evcen describe. I'm having surgery to replace my knees soon which is good but it's in alot of other parts of my body, too. prayers welcome!
  9. Please pray that I get a job soon. I have to support my 70 uear old mother and I lie in bed at night panicking cos I've applied for dozens of jobs and gone to 4 interviews but so far no joy.
  10. My foster sister has cancer and is having chemotherapy. Her son has a friend who is a white witch who is coming over on Sunday to read her tarot cards. pray this won't happen!
  11. I'm not so sure a spirit of strife is the problem. I had some wrong feelings grwoing towards this person, and to try to free myself from them I attacked him out of the blue. And he's been through so much over the past year or so! I said some pretty extreme things, and so did he. It's my fault and I've apologised but I think I've broken this relationship forever.
  12. I sympathise. Have had the same thing. Will be praying. xx
  13. Michael, there were so many things you needed that you weren't given. You should ahve been given protection. You should have been believed. You should have been delivered. God is the one who will give you all these things. And any of the other things you think you need. You will get past this.
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