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  1. Hello everyone I know i am not here to often wish I could get the forum on my smart phone but it doesnt work please if you can keep me and my family lifted before the Lord I have been having so much anxiety to the point that I want to get in a hole and just die, and please keep my oldest son in prayer he was recently put in jail along with his girlfriend for a crime that he stated that he didnt commit, and the girlfriend is pregnant and due in Nov I am praying that the state dont take my grandson away please just pray thank you
  2. Thank you Cholette for keeping my family and me in prayer, I have been praying that God removes this family as we are not the only family in the church that this one particular family has harassed, the mother has came to church under the influence of alcohol and told off another member and I am starting to believe that the Pastor is just tolerating them hoping that they change well obviously not they still are keeping discord among the members. I spoke with my husband and told him me and the girls will not be going back until I hear from God.
  3. Hi everyone its been awhile since being here and I am asking for prayer for me and my family we moved into our house six months ago and I am so thankful to God for blessing us with this home for without him none of this could be possible We started going to a new church in a dream God showed me where my husband was going to eat with Pastors and Bishops and he was excited and happy, two weeks later I left from a church where we weren't receiving the true word of God to be with my husband at this new church, the Pastor and his wife are very nice and are some prayer warriors, they have been so nice to our family, the dilemma started when this one family that we have had problems with before we started this church I didnt know they went there, instantly the problems started with this family for whatever reason this family has a problem with us and we have not ever done anything to them On Monday morning we got a knock at our door from CPS stating that they had a report stating that our daughters were being physical abused without any scars and they had to stand in line at church and we were emotionally abusing them this is what I did when I heard this I just couldnt believe that this could be happening to us why when none of this is true so they talked with our daughters who told them this was not true. I cried for two days and even went on my face before the Lord, I called the pastor and told him what had happened and before I could even say whom I thought it was he told me that it was this family that we have been having the problem with I finished talking to the pastor and told him we would not be returning back to this church he stated to me "Prove them wrong Sister" who did I need to prove this too cause it was not true. Since then we havent been back and its breaking my husbands heart, I dont understand why this Pastor is keeping this family in the church knowing that they are troublemakers and that after church they are drinking and doing drugs and living wildly in the world. Sorry for the long post keep us in prayer
  4. Thank you Connie for your words of encouragement yes it is like peeling away layers upon layers of a onion and yes I am so glad in my heart that Jesus is there for me just be glad when I can finally say I'm thru this trying time
  5. I'm so late yet I'm lifting you up in prayer Linda God is a healer
  6. Bless you all for giving me so much love in this time I will surely let my husband in and your right he already knows something is not right yet somethings need to be dealt with between God & me first then I can go to my husband after thanks ladies
  7. Thank you Ladies for your comforting words of encouragement yet I dont wont to burden my husband with my past problems I am so understanding that yes that is why God was waking me up to spend time with me to give me the comfort that I so truly need that he can only provide me in this time thanks for lending me a ear and shoulder to lean on
  8. For quite some time I have been feeling so sad that I have this cry in me that I just want to let out yet I cant do it in front of my husband because he is so caring that he will think he did something wrong and he did nothing wrong he is the most sweetest husband that God gave me. I am so sad at times when I think about how I was sexually abused as a child from 5 to 15 by my stepfather and by other men and how my mother physcially abused me and then how my exhusband physically,emotinally and verbally abused me and how I have these major trust issues that have spilled over into my now present marriage I have spent many years in counseling and many years and many nights praying to God to hear my prayers to heal me from this. So the other day I am at home alone and this overwhelming feeling of crying comes to me I want to cry for all the injustice that my mom did to me she is passed on now and she didnt and wouldnt at least tell me about my real father and for years I have searched for him and still cant find him but thats another story I often cant understand why me why did these people hurt me.
  9. Yes I have to get my sleepy head out of bed and do just that
  10. thanks astra it is amazing when God wants to spend time with us or just to be in his presence thanks for sharing
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