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  1. Sorry to everybody, this has been nearly a year since I posted this. I had my baby girl in April. My pregnancy ended up having some complications at around 25 weeks (second week of January) and I ended up in the hospital with preterm contractions. I healed from that and then my baby came late. I tried for a homebirth but baby was in a breached position and needed to be delivered emergency c-section. She arrived healthy and strong and is cute, sweet, and darling at 7 months old. I wanted to thank you all for your prayers during the traumatic dreams during my pregnancy. It was appreciated beyond words! Sincerely, Emily and Baby Girl
  2. Hello there, I know I have been away for a while. I have been busy! I just want to seek prayer. I have been having horrible nightmares of murdering people, the death or my husband, and so on. I call them nightmares because my husband tells me that I toss and turn, panic, and say things like, "No. No, No!" in my sleep. It gets so bad, to the point where he has a hard time sleeping. He usually just holds me or prays over me when this happens. I am 20 weeks pregnant. I spoke to my midwife about these dreams, and how I panic in my sleep. She expressed concern for the baby. She mentioned how my anxiety can play a long-term effect on the baby. She mentioned how bad the stress for my baby is and how I should seek a counselor. I believe Satan is attacking me through many of these dreams because I do have PTSD. I know God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. Many of these dreams leave me in fear for days. Of course the Lord talks to us through our dreams, but I believe much of these nightmares are a spiritual attack because my husband said that I panicked in my sleep before I was pregnant as well. Please pray for healing. I want to protect my unborn baby as much as I can. I don't want a depressed, anxious, nervous newborn because Satan attacks me in my sleep. I also want deliverance from Satan's grasp on my sleep and my day to day life. Thank you so much, RL
  3. Hey Cloud Connection, I am very sorry you have no friends. I understand loneliness all too well. I will be praying for God to bring you a friend - not a girlfriend but a friend. He is faithful. :) Are there any church groups or Bible studies you can go to where you're at? This is a great place to begin meeting friends. I would encourage you to go and seek friends there. "Be anxious for nothing," when you continue to read the verse, you will see that God then tells us, "instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done." God loves you. He loves you so much to send His only Son to die for you so that one day you can be completely perfect and completely loving. God wants to hear from you. Continue praying, pour our your heart to Him. Cry, express your deepest feelings to Him! He loves you! He is the God who knows your fears, bottles up every tear, and is CRAZY about you. Talk to Him! He is eagerly waiting!! Keep praying for God to bring you to friends and the right person. But don't forget to ask Him to take away your anxieties. Cast your anxieties onto the Lord because He cares!! He wants to hear from you, He does! But He wants to be your comfort and remove your bad feelings, your sad feelings, and your anxieties. I understand what you're going through. The guy I have written about in the past is making me a little nervous, but I constantly have been seeking God and asking Him to remove these feelings. I encourage you to do the same. He answers prayers, I promise! Having a girlfriend will not replace your need for God. :) Praying for you, RL
  4. Hey all, Thank you for your prayers. God showed me His reasoning for the wall. it is His provision. i have a very defensive spirit and when i feel threatened, my tongue becomes a knife and my words become my wrath... i need prayer and help. it breaks my heart that God cannot bring me to the place that He would like me to come because i have a defensive spirit. it breaks my heart to think about all of the people i have hurt through my defensive heart. please pray for me, that God would show me the root of my heart's wrath and then put in me a new spirit of lovingkindness, mercy, and grace. i need healing. this is not what God has for me. please pray along with me as i pray for strength to change. thank you,
  5. Hey Everybody- I have a prayer request. I have been praying for something for the past 7 years this May. Whenever I feel like God is encouraging me to move, and I move, I end up with a slap in the face. It's like there is a thick, strong, tall wall in my way and it is offering me nothing but confusion, heartache, and sorrow. I admit, I was driving down the highway today and I threw a huge fit and started accusing God of things that are not true and calling Him names. I've repented of these things and am remorseful. This is why I come to you for help. Please pray with me to help me to accept God's will... my heart can no longer take this pain anymore. I can only see that I am getting angry and resentful towards God about not removing this wall. Please pray for me as I learn to trust God in this situation. Thank you, Emily
  6. I am in need of prayers, I was diagnosed with PTSD over a year ago- I've had it most likely for 12 years. I asked for prayer about my fear, and God has come through and healed me of my paralyzing fear. Something else that I have been dealing with is a conditioned called "PTSD-Disassociation." It has been explained to me as being somewhat like multiple personality disorder, but instead of actually becoming the people, what I do is make up worlds inside my head. My mother was so mentally ill that in order to make sense of my world, I made up different realities and believed them. Rather than living in the mental and emotional abuse, I would run away to this world. It was coping with my abuse. I have have my snap moments where the trigger calls me back into my head. It mostly has to do with being bored with life. I am at a point where this is beginning to pull me down, and I would like prayer. Please pray that God miraculously pulls me out of this situation. This is not something I feel I can "get through" because it is destroying me moment to moment. I don't know I am doing it until I am being asked to perform and cannot perform because I had not been paying attention. I just pray and ask for you to pray for me to be delivered from this condition. I want to be free from everything involved and affecting me from my abuse. Please, I ask for your prayers. Thank you, Emily
  7. Dove-Solutions and Lola, I never thanked either of you for your prayers! I wanted to thank both of you! I fasted and just pleaded my case to the Lord the very same day I requested your prayers. I wanted to just tell you that GOD HAS COME THROUGH! He has lifted to bondage of fear like you would not believe it. No more do I get paralyzed and unable to move in fear. When I get nervous, I tell satan to get behind JESUS and the fear disappears! PRAISE JESUS!!!!!! There is nothing like having Jesus standing between me and satan. It's so powerful and lovely! Thank you both for being the family of God and helping me to bear my cross! All Glory and Honor is the LORDS!
  8. I was diagnosed in January with Acute PTSD. Basically, this means that due to prolonged stress, I can't handle stress... but what I do it freeze. Whenever I am intimidated (mostly in class) I freeze. It's normally when I am being critiqued... and the interesting thing is that I am SO afraid of the attention that a compliment/accolade will bring me that I think I am afraid to do well and that may be one of the greatest defeating factors in my life. Please, please, please pray for me. I've gone through counseling but I really need to rely on God. Please pray for me to help give my fears over to God. I know God has not promised us a spirit of fear but of POWER and TRUTH and of a SOUND MIND. Please lift me up in your prayers. Thank you, Emily
  9. I am praying for this baby boy right now! I would take him in front of the church and pray over him. His mind especially. The Most High loves and protects His innocent in ways incomprehendable!! Poor baby boy! It's such a sad world we live in, but just remember that the Creator of ALL OF THE UNIVERSE holds His precious babies and is acquainted with all of his ways (Psalm 139) and is stronger than any force, any demon, any angel and human! Praise Jesus that we have a God that understands and protects beyond comprehension! I just put this baby boy into my prayer journal. Man, I just think of satan harassing an innocent child and i am full with anger, and this anger turns into laughter because satans days are numbered, God is going to serve JUSTICE to this lunatic! I would tell you sister to just teach her son to say the Name JESUS when he sees something scary. The Bible says that the demons hear the name of JESUS and the shiver and flee! It should help. :)
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