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I am in need of prayers,

I was diagnosed with PTSD over a year ago- I've had it most likely for 12 years. I asked for prayer about my fear, and God has come through and healed me of my paralyzing fear.

Something else that I have been dealing with is a conditioned called "PTSD-Disassociation." It has been explained to me as being somewhat like multiple personality disorder, but instead of actually becoming the people, what I do is make up worlds inside my head. My mother was so mentally ill that in order to make sense of my world, I made up different realities and believed them. Rather than living in the mental and emotional abuse, I would run away to this world. It was coping with my abuse.

I have have my snap moments where the trigger calls me back into my head. It mostly has to do with being bored with life.

I am at a point where this is beginning to pull me down, and I would like prayer. Please pray that God miraculously pulls me out of this situation. This is not something I feel I can "get through" because it is destroying me moment to moment. I don't know I am doing it until I am being asked to perform and cannot perform because I had not been paying attention.
I just pray and ask for you to pray for me to be delivered from this condition. I want to be free from everything involved and affecting me from my abuse.

Please, I ask for your prayers.

Thank you,


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Sometimes, when illness of this nature strikes it seems we cannot DO anything right cause our minds take control of us instead of the other way round. Thing is we can control our thoughts by confessing and acting by faith that WE HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST.

Today's world encourages these illnesses by actually encouraging us to follow our thoughts and feelings. But thing is we can change our lives.

It may be a long journey for you or seem to be at this stage, but I want to encourage you that the opposite of fear is faith. So if we want to not be afraid so much, we must read more of His word and faith comes by hearing his word. If you find reading the word difficult (as I have done) even watching programs or listening to praise music can help at the start.

Tell yourself you CAN over come. Remember sometimes our battles seem so big when we try and handle them ourselves. I find If I get busy DOING my head begins to come into line with my actions. It is hard and I'm not saying I don't find this hard cause I do.

But sometimes giving to others is the best way to beat mental illness.

It is sooooooooo hard to give or do things with MI sometimes cause it literally stops us in our tracks, but it's like walking up hill, if you do it long enough, you end up with strong leg muscles. If you stand still and do nothing, the hill just seems over whelming.

But truly, I have discovered in my own walk, to GIVE TO OTHERS and develop hobbies and do what I am passionate about is helpful. AND The big word which God is telling me of late is DISCIPLINE. See MI is an expression of a mind that just can't sit still, it has to 'go in all directions' so guess what God has been showing me. You train the body and the physical realm to be disciplined, your mind follows.

I know you are wanting prayer, but I felt to say this, as prayer always helps, but so do wise words.

I hope I have encouraged you not to give up hope or allow MI to beat you or stop you from having the life Christ meant you to have.

Bless you heaps..... huggins

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