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  1. Thanks for the great advice i will pray behind the scenes and Let God be God love Lindyloo
  2. Hello Angels, Our family is still going thru so much. Each one of us is going thru issues.My brother Peter who has MS need prayers for salvation,healing deliverance. My sister Hazel is still recovering from a major stroke and needs prayer for healing and deliverance and the same for my sister Norma and me. My sister and I are all doing some soul searching and repentance. Without denying there are iniquities in all of us we believe there are generational curses which we need broken We need guidance and direction. Lord we need to hear from you. I personally need guidance and direction with my Son Crosby. He has started a relation ship with a girl who is only 16 he is 30. This young lady has a history of being raped by uncles when she was younger and her family have mental issues and do not work and are be cared for by social welfare. There are too many red flags in this relationship. She says she is a Christian and involved in the Catholic church. We believe she need counselling and deliverance. I have spoken to my son openly about this relationship and have arranged a meeting with this young girl. Please help with advice luv Lindlyloo
  3. Hello Just to let you know my Mum is doing great. My sister Hazel is back at work. Her arm is still semi paralyzed but we stay hopeful. God is Great linlyloo
  4. Please can you pray for my sister Hazel who had a stroke last week. She is only 55. She is due have an operation on her neck in a months time as a bone in her neck is sitting on her brain stem. My Mum Lena has had an operation this morning to remove a glomus tumor that's sitting on her one of the main veins. My family is going thru so much at the moment. Please someone reply or email me on lynn@tagsafari.com God Bless lindyloo
  5. Hello Angels, Please pray for my Mum Lena 78 years old. The doctor suspecting that she had a mini stroke. She was due to have a knee replacement next week. We are all very concerned. Just need to know everything will be okay love Lindloo
  6. Hello my Angels, Please pray for me and my son Crosby. My son has just started a new job. He works for Hindu people and feels very uncomfortable with the shrines they have in their shop. They also have Hindu markings on the floor and burn incense quite frequently. they also have sachets of chilli & lemon hanging on the door posts. He just does not know how to handle this. He was retrenched in Jan this year and has been at home for 5 months without a job. Now that he has one he wants to hold on to it cos of our financial constraints(I am separated from my husband) I would also like prayer. I don't know how to handle been overlooked concerning my job. Part of my work is just been handed over to a junior without even consulting me. I just seem to be the target of gossip and these are from ladies who call them selves Christians. This has been going on for such a long time. love Lindyloo
  7. Please pray for my sister Hazel and her daughter Andrea. My sister's heart is so broken. She has found out that her 21 year old daughter has been having an affair with with a senior employee of the company she works for. Her daughter is very promiscuous and has no respect for her mother. My sister is a single mother. My sister says she cant even pray any more her heart is so sore. We not sure whether Andrea is pregnant or not, whether she even attends University in South Africa.(Hazel is in Zimbabwe). Andre also has a drinking problem. She refuses any form of counseling. Andrea did admits that she has been sexually abused by a family member and we believe this is the root of it. The same thing happened to Hazel when she was younger. This seems to be a generational curse in our family that need to be broken. Lord we are so desperate Lindyloo
  8. Hello all my angles. God is so Good. My brothers op went so well. He is already at home recovering and even sent me a message on face book to say he is doing well. We serve just an awesome God. Thank-you Jesus for your faithfulness Lindlyloo
  9. Please pray for my brother Peter who is having an operation on the 19/09/11 on his neck. He has MS. love Lindlyloo
  10. Please pray for my sister Hazel and her daughter Andrea. Andrea is having a difficult time with her course at University and wants to extend it to four years. This will cost my sister so much and as a single mother she needs prayer about this. Another request is for my elder sister Norma's husband Gunther who has stage 4 cancer. He has been doing so well but today he took a bad turn. Please lift them both up in prayer with all my love lindyloo
  11. Hello all, Please can you stand in agreement with me and my Friend(Shylet). We have just been told today by our boss that we might have to work half days ie. mornings only. Both of us are really need to work full-day as the mornings only money is just not enough to cope held us with daily living and expenses. I am also planning to sell my house and move into a smaller one has I will be on my own without my husband whose lifestyle is now not compatible. We believe our God is greater than any situation we face. with love Lindyloo
  12. Hello All, Please Pray for me and my family. I would like to sell my house and buy something smaller. I need a good price for my house to purchase the smaller one. I do not want to be in any debt. My plan is to move on with my life and let my husband move on with his. His lifestyle and mine are so different My husband is not aware of my plans and there is fear in my heart on how he will react. luv Lindlyloo
  13. Hello Mia and the whole team, Just to let you know how faithful our Lord is. Justin Chase was born on the 19th October at 9.30 weighing 3kg and perfectly formed. Normal delivery. Just to refresh you memory I had asked you to pray for safe delivery be-cos of the hands I saw around his neck and he was a bit stressed. He is slightly jaundiced so please pray about this and at the moment we are in need of finances to cover all bills etc. Our know our Lord is faithful and we can depend on him. with all my love lindlyloo
  14. Totally agree with you. Just another note regarding the question which scripture was written on the board with the purple X. Isaiah 51:1 keep coming to mind love Lindyloo
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