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  1. I ususally don't like to post here in moderation for my own personal help, but I would really appreciate any input any of you have on this dream.  I feel like feedback on this one from the pros would be amazing!!! Please don't hold back if you pick up an anything I am missing.

    Lots of craziness on my end...Lots of changes and things coming up, so IM dreaming a TON!!  Hope all of you are doing well.  😘


  2. Would LOVE a strong confirmation on this one please.....

    I had a dream that I was once again living with an old roommate.  This roommate symbolizes a really bad and unhappy time in my life when I was very taken advantage, mistreated, and emotionally abused. This roommate carried most of the load as far as bills go in the living situation that I was in back during this time.  During this time IRL when I lived with her, we had another roommate too whom was very emotionally abusive to me and her, who took advantage of both of us financially all under the cloak of Christianity (though I took most of the emotional beatings). Please take note that the Abusing roommate was NOT a part of this dream.  IRL I have zero contact with either women, nor do I ever desire to.  It was an awful part of my past.  bandaid

    In the dream I was not married, and I only had my son living with me.  This is odd to me, because I am happily married now IRL, and we also have an older daughter who was not part of this dream.  There wasn't a feeling of loss regarding my husband or daughter...I didn't feel sadness. The financially responsible roommate was sharing an apartment with me and my son.  In the dream I think either I was moving or she was moving.  In my dream I was very conscious of the fact that I have never really fully taken care of myself my WHOLE life! I felt kind of embarrassed about this fact.  I have always relied on someone else to help take care of me. In the dream I was sorting and organizing some of my son's toys. They were cars, etc.  I was thinking about what kind of work I would do to take care of my son.  I was thinking of possibilities that would work so that I could continue to take excellent care of him and myself.  I was brainstorming, and figuring of how I could take care of us.

    If I think about this IRL, it is very true.  IRL I have only lived with my parents, with a friend who was living with her dad, with what I normally call the 'Crazy Ladies' (aka the abusive situation), and then with my husband.  I have never had a place of my own IRL without someone else helping take care of me financially.  I have paid my own bills and such, car payments etc, and always held down a steady job as an adult until I had children.  But being fully on my own, without a roommate, or parents' help has never been something I have experienced.  I am so blessed to be able to stay home, and care for my family and children.  I am not afraid of hard work, yet I am in a position where God has taken excellent care of us, and my husband has an awesome job that allows me to stay home.  

    I personally don't think this dream has to do with me getting an career in place as much as it has to do with me ACTUALLY taking care of myself.  I have not been taking good care of myself lately, and if I'm really honest I don't think I have taken good care of myself MOST of my life. God has been trying to show me my how distorted my own self worth is, and how he wants me to see how valuable I am to Him.  Im really trying to find my own identity.  I have neglected myself my whole life, because of my lack of self worth.  Growing up in dysfunction can wreck havoc on our self esteem.  I feel like this dream has to do with me learning to love myself, and to really start taking care of myself, and to see myself from the perspective that God has. He is also helping me to see that as I do take care of myself, I am better equipt to take better care of those around me.

    I could be off base, so if anyone else has anything to share please feel free.  Would love to hear your thoughts on this, as I could be missing an important key here.

  3. Ok, so I had a dream that I was sort of dating Justin Beiber. lol! I could see in the dream that there was an ocean in the background and then I was holding his hand. I had good feelings about the relationship.

    IRL I am happily married. I'm pretty sure this is symbolic of me being reunited with my brother who will be getting out of jail next week. Justin Beiber is known now as a good boy turned bad, who claims to be a follower of Christ, but continues to display immature and sometimes inappropriate behavior in the public eye even after his claim of being transformed by Christ. His conversion could be genius and real, yet hasn't shown a complete transformation in the public eye yet (maturity takes time).

    I'm sure this is symbolic of my brother who goes back and forth from claiming to be a converted Christian at times, but has been in and out of jail. He has always claimed a transformation to gain the trust of our family, and usually falls back into the same temptation. Once again is claiming that he has experienced Christ in a way he never has before. Time will tell if his transformation is true or still immature.

    Still thoughts and comments still welcomed. Please share.

  4. Hi all!!

    Ok so background, my EX in my dreams pretty much always symbolizes my brother whom I have been sort of estranged from IRL. He is the biological father of my adopted daughter. He is soon getting out of jail, in like a week. Without a doubt he will not ever be welcomed into my own home, bc of my daughter and because he has a past of stealing. Also, he will NOT by any means be reunited with my daughter until she is an adult, and that's if she wants it. I'm willing to rekindling a relationship with him apart from my children being involved. I'm curious of what things the silverware could symbolize. I totally welcome thoughts and interp son this.

    So I had a dream my ex was coming over to spend some time with me. I was looking forward to spending time with him, and had good feelings of seeing him. I remember sitting on a couch with him and holding his hand in the dream when he came over. I was in a house that seemed to have a darker setting than my own home, which is very well lit. It wasn't super dark or gloomy, but it had a dimmer lighting than my own home, more shadows (this could symbolize my moms home, which doesn't have much natural light in it). There was a dining room table close to the couch.

    My daughter brought a rubber-made container (which we use to sort toys etc in our home) and set it on the dining room table which was close to where me and my ex were sitting. I could see her take the lid off the container (which is a ten gallon container), and it was filled with silverware. She was able to lift this container with ease (even though she is a strong girl IRL, she is only 11 yrs old and this would be extremely heavy even for me to lift). I could see that there was forks, spoons, and butter knives in the container without anything to separate them. Even there there wasn't anything separating these, for the most part they were sorted together. Knives all together, forks all in one place, an then the spoons all in one place. Then, she tilted the container slightly towards her lifting one side off the the table by the handles, keeping the side closest to her planted down on the table. When she tilted the container toward her, I could see that there were WAY more spoons than the rest of the silverware. Gravity sort of brought the spoons that were towards the back of the container sliding closer to the side of the container that was closest to my daughter's body. One thing to note, my daughter didn't have any anxiety or concerns in the dream. End of Dream.

    Feel free to share thoughts or interns. I have a hunch of what this could symbolize, but would love a strong confirmation.

  5. Hi Mark!!  

    Sorry for the late reply to your posting.  Thanks for your interp, everything you say is truly fitting.  I do believe these dreams do point to the dream of my pregnancy.  I also think though that spiritually and emotionally my first friend is in fact birthing something inside.  I can see God is doing an awesome work in her, and drawing her closely to Him right now, with lots of new changes in her life.  The last dream I think was literal for someone else I know who was struggling with fertility.  Less than two weeks after this dream, I found out one of my acquaintances who I had been praying for did end up getting pregnant IRL!  Great news, I'm SO happy for her!!!

    In my own life, I am still waiting for this to manifest.  I do bear witness that what you say is true regarding myself.  There are several things that are getting ready to be conceived in me, but some of them have to do with me pulling the trigger so to speak.  God has really been doing a work in me in regards to my personal life, my self worth, and finding my purpose in Him.  I do not think this is literal, meaning of me actually getting pregnant in real life.  I feel like I have put myself aside for so long, and God is calling me to rediscover an additional purpose in Him.  When this fully manifests, I know these same feelings will be evident in my waking life.  I know I need to step out in faith in a couple areas in order for me to discover these things God has in store. Please pray in agreement with me, that the right doors will open up at the right time.  I will be sure to post when it manifests!!   :hooray:  :hooray:  :hooray:

  6. Hi all!! Ok so I have had MULTIPLE pregnancy dreams three nights in a row.

    The first one was my friend who already has 4 kids (three of them triplets), was pregnant again. IRL She had to do multiple tries of invetro in order to have all of her kids, and after the triplets she decided she was done having kids. IRL She also had a procedure to ensure that she couldn't have anymore children, so I know this dream is not literal.

    The second dream was of myself. In the dream I felt excited and surprised that I was pregnant. Then in the dream I remembered my real age, and that my husband had a procedure to keep us from having kids again. I felt amazed and thought that this must for sure be meant to be, and shrugged off my age concern. I recognized that I felt (and still feel IRL) like I'm in my 20's!! I thought this part of my life was over, but now was excited and ready for the new addition to our family. I can't remember my husbands reaction to the news (I wish I would've recorded this dream right away bc I feel like I lost part of this).

    The last one was of my sister in law. I dreamt she was pregnant again. I also know this one is not literal bc my brother had a procedure to ensure this as well.

    The fact that these were all consecutive dreams three nights in a row, makes me believe there is significant meaning behind these dreams. I'm not certain what exactly the Lord is trying to speak to me, but I'm very certain it isn't literal. The only one that had real specific details I can remember is the one of me being pregnant. The other dreams didn't have anything else to them except for the fact that I remembered they were both pregnant. I could be wrong, but this makes me feel like the other two dreams were to bring even more attention to my own dream of pregnancy.

    Any thoughts????

  7. I had a dream I was driving a pick up truck. I want to say it was blue. I decided to be nice and to pick up two guys to give them a ride (which I would never do irl). The first guy I picked up was a really nice black guy. He sat next to me, in the front middle seat of the truck. I was in the drivers seat. I felt safe around him, and like he would protect me. The second guy was a white guy. The min he got in the car, I knew it was too late. When he shut the door, I asked him if he was ok. I could tell he was not in his right mind, and that he was disoriented. All of a sudden he grabbed the first guy in the throat, and was killing him! The guy wasn't even putting up a fight at all, like he had no power to move his arms or anything!!! I was freaking out on the inside, but kind of frozen scared, like I didn't know what to do next. I was thinking of getting out of the truck to make a run for it, but was so scared and in shock I didn't know what to do. Then I woke up, and I was shaking literally. I went downstairs and checked all my doors and my alarm. It was really hard for me to shake the dream off. holy moly

  8. I had a dream my kids and I were in this church.  It had a familiar feel to it, like I have been to it irl, but I cant put my finger on where or when.  Perhaps I have dreamt of this church before. I knew the building well.  I could see that there was a huge storm coming in.  Some people were taking cover, yet some were still going about whatever they were doing previously.  There were a lot of rooms in this church, some pretty wide open rooms.  We were in a main room of the church on the upper level.  It was a large room of the church and there was a huge picture window on all three of the walls. What would have been the forth wall of the room, was an open floor plan that led to the hallway.  

    The weather seemed to really get super calm. Even though there was a lot of hussle and bussle in the church that I could hear, oddly enough, I could also hear how quiet it was outside.  Suddenly, even though I couldn't see the tornado with my eyes, I could see the damage this invisible tornado was doing to the houses below. I could see this from the picture window. Nobody else seemed to notice this.  Houses were being uprooted, demolished.  I could see the path the tornado was taking because of the destruction that was taking place below.  I didn't feel fear though, only an urgency to protect the kids.


    There was a suggested shelter area that some people went to, when they heard the warnings of severe weather earlier in the dream.  Surprisingly this was on the main floor.  When I seen the destruction above, as quickly as I could, I got my children to the basement.  I knew that I needed to act quickly, before it was too late.  The thought entered my mind to go back up and get the others to safety, but I didn't think we had the time.  I also, I felt like we were going to get in trouble for going to the actual basement, if I were to announce it.  I didn't care though if I were breaking the rules, we were headed there anyways.  I thought the people were stupid for going to the shelter that wasn't below the ground.  I also thought that somebody wasn't looking out for all of our best interests by not putting the shelter in the basement. Even though the thought entered my mind to warn the others, I didn't feel guilty for not doing this.  Not one bit.  Which in real life would not be like me at all. There was also a sense that they wouldn't recieve the warning anyways. (Perhaps they wouldn't have see what I had seen.)

    I cant remember exactly how the dream ended, but I feel like the kids and I were able to get to safety.  Not sure about the others.

  9. I had a dream I was wearing my class ring on my wedding finger, and my wedding ring was on my right ring finger.  In the dream, the gem from my class ring fell out, and the middle was hollow where the gem used to be. I didn't like my birthstone color when I was in High School, so I picked April's birthstone to be placed in my ring (irl).  I have an October birthday, so the stone option was pink...I didn't like it. Its not really a diamond in the classring irl but in the dream it was. I thought to myself, that I could replace the it with an opal, which is also October birthstone.  Irl and in the dream, I like opals (though that wasn't an option when I got my class ring)!  There was also a small baguette diamond that was missing out of my wedding ring, but all the others were still intact.  I started taking the plug out of the bathroom sink, and found both gems.  

    Significance behind the class ring.  It is very sentimental to me irl.  I had an absent mother most of my life, due to an abusive husband of hers, and the fact that they lived all over the usa while I was growning up.  My senior year, she divorced mystepdad and I moved in with her.  She was a single mom, yet worked three jobs to feed us and put a roof over our heads.  She worked her tail off, and made sure I was able to have a class ring like all of my other friends.  I still have it, but no longer wear it.  It stillmeans a lot to me.  

    Any thoughts?

  10. Hi all!!  Ok honestly, I haven't been dreaming very much lately until just recently.  I started cutting back my caffeine consumption slowly so that I can do a detox for my liver.  Right now, I am on half caffeine that I am usually used to.  I am seeing how much better I feel, and how less anxious I am while not drinking as much caffeine.  Im going to continue to cut back until Im off of it all together for the detox.  Im sleeping SO much better!  I didn't even realize that I wasn't getting as great of quality of sleep!  Anyways, I feel like I am dreaming MUCH MUCH more!!!  Have any of you noticed this link with over caffinating vs. not dreaming as often??? Just wondering if Im alone in this discovery? Once my detox is over, Im convinced that decaf will be the way to go for me, if I need that coffee taste in the future. :donut:

    Also, check out my latest post when you guys get a chance!  Im kind of blown away still about how the timing of this manifested so quickly-the same day!!  Im praising God for protecting my niece, and that my sister took heed!!  

    Hope you all are doing great!!!! happy dance

  11. So I had a dream that my nieces and nephews were at a pool party. All of a sudden two or more kids drowned! I didn't see the other children, but I heard that they were able to revive them. I seen my niece under the water, and she had such a creepy smile on her face. She was dead! They were not able to revive her! This dream creaped me out so much that I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. So much, that I had to call my sister to tell her about it. I just couldn't shake that look on my nieces face all day! I ended up telling my sister about it and asking her if they planned on going swimming anytime soon. She said no. I told her that sometimes I have 'warning' dreams, and if something comes up to just watch that girl like a hawk in the water!!! 😱

    Later on in the evening, my sister texted me and said that they were later invited to a pool party this weekend. She is going out of town without the kids, and would have had to send them without her, relying on others to watch her kids in the water! Since she couldn't be there to watch her daughter like a hawk, she decided to decline the invitation to the party! She is a backsliden believer, so I didn't know what she would think about me sharing my dream with her. Im quite surprised she took heed to this warning dream, bc in times past she can be quite stubborn. She was actually freaked out by the whole thing, considering they werent invited when I first told her about the dream! I really believe God spared them something, by her not still sending the kids to this party. Whatever the enemy had in store, God has outsmarted him again!! holy moly

  12. I had a dream that I was going on a fun rollercoaster ride with my kids.  I had both kids on each side of me, in these open seated chairs.  There wasn't a bar or anything to hold us in except for these seatbelts that went over our shoulders and snapped at the crotch and at the chest (like an infant carseat would, except the straps were yellow and skinnier).  My daughter was all secured in, and I was too.  I neglected to realize that my son was not buckled at all until the rollercoaster started moving, and the attendant was trying to bring it to my attention.  She started deep breathing, and talking to herself to calm herself down.  She was like, 'Dont panic, this is what you have been trained not to do, dont panic'.  I felt like it was too late for her to stop the coaster, even though it was only going about 3 miles/hour.  I started to buckle him.  Inside I was freaking, trying to buckle him as fast as i could.  It was hard at the angle I was sitting in.  I managed to snap him at the crotch and get one of the fastens near the stomach buckled (I forgot there was an extra buckle at the stomach, like a child saftey strap that snaps at the chest).  I was struggling with the top chest snap.  I couldn't get the two pieces of plastic to connect.  Then I somehow went blank.  It was like I was unresponsive.  I dont know how we got off the coaster, but I found that my son was safe and sound in a playroom of sorts afterwards.  He was playing with one of his best friends.  I am best friends with his mom too, and she was there.  Half of the room had an extremely low ceiling, even the kids had to crawl on that side of the room.  I crawled on my hands and knees to communicate with my son (7yrs old).  While I was in this part of the room with the low ceiling, the outer wall of this place was all glass, which I didn't see when I was standing tall in the other part of the room.  Even though the ceiling was low, somehow the glass went up as high as the rest of the other part of the room somehow.  Its so hard to explain, but I didn't see the high glass wall until climbing on my hands and knees with my son.  I could see that there was an ocean or open water on the outside of this building through the glass. At the end of the dream, my son was ok.  Even though I dont know who it was, someone attended to my child for me and saved his life.  I felt so thankful that he was ok!!!!!  

    IRL I am very protective. Maybe a little over protective.  I feel strongly about protecting my kids.  Recently at a family gathering, my step mom made a snide comment about how being over protective isn't going to work out for me.  I wouldn't let my 11 year old and 6 yr old go for a walk with another 11yr old and an 8 yr old around the neighborhood.  First of all, its in about the worst neighborhood in their whole city.  Secondly, the streets are real narrow, and there arent any sidewalks whatsoever.  Thirdly, people drive like maniacs there.. .AND the kids were going to walk down to the public beach UNATTENDED!  Lets not mention, that I grew up in this neighborhood and I know there are a lot of drugs in the area.  And lastly, lets talk about the 5 sex offenders that live in the neighborhood (one of them being convicted for having pedifile pornography ONE street away from her house!!!) I felt judged for not letting them go!  It kind of pushed my buttons a little, considering that her parenting style with us was COMPLETELY opposite of mine.  Instead, when I grew up, we werent protected at all from them.  There was a MAJOR lack of supervision due to her and my dads drug binges, which they would leave 5 kids unattended for days at a time without food!  They had child protective services called on them a couple times due to this.  This just happened two days before my dream...so Im sure this dream is probably triggered from this event.  I will NOT back off as a parent like they did, allowing for much mischief, trouble, and heartbreak to come into my kids' lives.  We had NO guidance as kids.  Nobody asking if we had homework, or if anything was bothering us.   My dad was super involved and overprotective of us before he met my stepmom.  I always felt like she took my dad away from us, and turned him into a druggie.  She has since come to the Lord, but is outspoken and sometimes doesn't think before she says things.  Now my opinion is, its better to be overprotective than under!

    Even though I think this dream is somehow connected to this event, I dont feel like Im getting the full meaning or significance of the dream.  Thoughts or comments welcomed.....

  13. I had a dream that my kitchen sink was leaking underneath. I looked under the cuboard, and there was a skinny hose, that was just pouring water into the cabinet. I wondered what damage would be done. Even though I dont remember getting it fixed, I remember feeling relieved that somehow all that water was contained and didn't cause any damage.
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