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  1. Hi, there was a small earthquake here in some parts of IL. I don't think there was any damage done...God Bless.
  2. In agreement with you...In Jesus Name!
  3. Thank you everyone! Yes, I belong to a church and my pastor knows of these struggles. My family has been praying and we've been anointed with oil. I just wanted more prayers, because you can never have enough LOL!
  4. Hi everyone, I haven't been on here in quite some time and it seems like every since then the devil has been trying to attack my life, my son's life and our household. My son suffers from Autism & seizures, has been since the age of two. I know that this not God's will for him, and since the Devil knows my son's future he is trying to attack him at all angles. He is also trying to attack me, because I've been told that he's trying to have a hold on my life...Please lift us up in prayer, the enemy is a liar..he comes to kill, steal, and destroy! I've been in & out of prayer and I need agreement!! Let's send these demonic spirits back to the pits of Hell!!! Thank you everyone :)
  5. Dan, God Bless you. My name is Brittney and my son's name is Jamari. And yes I will be sure to share my testimony as soon as they come to pass.
  6. Thank you very much everyone God Bless!
  7. Hi everyone I am new here, and this is my first time posting...I really would like everyone to join in with my family and I as we continue to pray for my son who is five years old and suffering from autism and seizures. The doctors say that he won't talk or won't completely be seizure free, I refuse to believe this because I know that my healer is God and he has the last say! Please pray with me as we bind this up and send it back to the pits of hell!!!! And lastly, please pray for me for strength and wisdom as we move forward...I am praying for a job and transportation, I have been out of work for three years taking care of my son but seems to be having a hard time. Thank you and God Bless, Sister in Christ Brittney
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