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  1. Wow Daisy your post has got me asking questions of my own. I don't know much about an interceding gift but I have experienced all the the things you mentioned! Most of the time for me it's actually dream related, so I'd start dream about someone repeatedly which means I think about them all the time and start praying for them. Or I'd have a TERRIBLE dream about someone and wake up sick to my stomach and have to pray about them till it lifts. Often that awful feeling can linger for days and I end up praying till I'm at peace. I think the awful feeling is so that you realise the urgency or do actually pray about it, it's definitely what makes me pay attention! Waking me up at weird times of the night is a big one for me too. I also think that God uses compassion, like sometimes I'll have a deep compassion for someone I barely know and I don't know why? That often gets me to pray. Daisy, in your experience is there a practical side or is it just a prompting to pray? I mean like if someone is on your heart do you always get in touch with them? Do you ever mention it to them or do you just pray?
  2. Yay! Oh Poor Hannah, I'm sure she's going to tell him off lol.
  3. Hi Deborah, I read your post because I have been seeing cats for days now while I pray. At one point I saw a cat hiding under a low bed and then again trapped in a corner. I don't know if these were meant for you but I would hate not to share them and find out they were! I will be praying for your Sam to come home.
  4. Steadygaze, I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! I hope you are truly blessed by it and are an absolute blessing to all you meet. Thank you God for coming through!
  5. Steadygaze, I'm so sorry. Nothing I say can make you feel better so I will just pray. I'll be thinking and praying for you xxxx
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