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  1. Tools is at the very tippy top of the page. Do you know where your site says http:// yadda yadda www. yaddayadda.com above that : ) my *work offline* was under "File"
  2. You are so sweet Thank You *HUG* Merry Christmas <3
  3. Thank you both for your help. I knew the space rug was in a RMB, but I like the idea of a list of things in the MBs. I will definitely check that out thank you. : )
  4. ZIM402

    Need help in PS

    AHHAHA Thank you so much! I LOVE your picture idea! And I will give it a try. Thank you for understanding, I know I'm weird like that. *HUG* and Merry Christmas! : )
  5. ZIM402

    Need help in PS

    Yes, both! For someone with ADD everything has to be perfect and organized...how do I explain it to you. With the 2 big rooms balancing on that 1 room it's structurally not safe. *I know it's a game and the homes can't collapse, but it's what my mind says. Also with the rooms being so big it wrecks the pattern. everything has to look even. so for a person with ADD, I see 2 1 3 5 and THAT drives me NUTS! Yes, I can still paly, and I do. It's just hard to be in my own house is all. >.< Make me uncomfortable. Sorry, I tried to explain as best as I know how : (
  6. To: kasijab What is a f/r and how do i send one to you?
  7. ZIM402

    Need help in PS

    thank you for your quick response! O.O yes i had already contacted playfish with no response yet. : / i guess ill keep contacting them. *shrug* *its so hard to be in my pets house with the rooms like that! >.< come visit me and see what i mean! even ppl without ADD would be bothered!
  8. I just tried the trick 15 times with a small RMB. *I was looking for a space rug.* No space rug all 15 times and 3 times I got doubles. On average, how many tires until you get what you're looking for?
  9. ZIM402

    Need help in PS

    Hello. My name is Angela and I'm addicted to Pet Society. *Everyone* Hiiii Aaaaangelaaaa So my problem is that I bought 2 rooms using playfish cash. I wanted 2 normal sized rooms and got another level to my pets house with 2 huge rooms! I have ADD and can not STAND my house this way! please please please let me know how to get those rooms GONE! You all can KEEP the playfish cash just make my house NORMAL again PLEASE!
  10. Congratulations! *and i love that Christmas Cat. <3
  11. I love that tree at the front of these posts. : ) However December 1st is stressful for those who; don't have a job have a sick hubby to take care of and who need to beat the Dec 1st deadline for Pharmacy school. on a lighter note I have 1 Christmas gift bought : ) *whew*
  12. OH THAT CAFE! Thank you to those who let me know. Yeah I'm sorry I'm THAT new! >.< It is getting easier to roam around PS forums thank you. Also I've joined the Addicted to the Boxes Club. : ) *Oh MAN those things are addicting! XD! Thank you again to everyone for your help. I'll do my best to stay active here to help others and make new friends. : ) *That's what PS is all about right?* MERRY *Almost* CHRISTMAS! Angela and Wusha
  13. How do I chat with you in the cafe? Is that another forum, or are you in that cafe club thingy?
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