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  • Birthday 12/18/1986
  1. 1- Pet Society 2- Restaurant City 3-Zoofari
  2. Green eyes - Coldplay :')
  3. mmm...i shuold say No Doubt is my fav band of all time... I also love The Killers, Green Day, Coldplay and many many more
  4. The Killers - Read my mind (L) I love them!!
  5. My objective is to have all the dolls (i have all the non-cc except for two cc's that I have: the leopard and the panda )... My other objective is to have all the stickers in gold (far far away jajaja)
  6. WOW....that sounds fantastic!! Great idea...hope i win someday
  7. OMG!! Alice in Wonderland!!! I cant waittttttt!!! What items do you think will be in the cash shop??? Besides the fish bait...
  8. Hola chicos/as...recien me presente en el foro general pero ahora me presento aca en nuestro idioma!! Soy Ale, de Argentina...y una fanatica de PS!!! Ya no puedo esperar por los items de mañana a la nocheeee!!! Besos!!!
  9. Hello ppl, I'm Ale fron Buenos Aires, Argentina. Just wanted to introduced myself to you xOxO
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