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  1. 2 black kitties received 18x999 sent Thanks so much for the safe and fast trade, rep added for you as well
  2. Ok, now I remember it. Sometimes my memory sucks lol I don't think we're friends so I'm gonna send you a f/r then the 999's, don't think I have any 3333's I can't wait to give one to my mom, it's one that she wanted badly.
  3. This is prolly gonna sound stupid but what is the black kitty plushie (2) Is it a gmb item that I've missed? If so how much for both.
  4. I've about gave up on getting those eggs cause pretty soon he'll prolly have something new and since I have so little I'll prolly never catch up now and be able to get them all.
  5. Thanks Mango lol Love your thing about the easter eggs, I think I got the rainbow one first thing, but other than it I only have like 3....
  6. Hey Guys, I haven't been on for a good while now... I think since february. Life has been busy and I have been struggling with this mood that comes and goes where I don't like talking to alot of people and I kinda keep to myself when I'm online except a comment here and there. But, I've been missing ya'll and being a part of the forum so I'm making an effort to try to come back and be active again. I see some changes have been made since I've been gone, we have a couple new mods Congrats to you guys. Hopefully I haven't missed too much and I can get back into the chatting again with ease and not feel like a newbie lol *Hugs to all my psfc friends!!* XOXO, Jamie
  7. Happy Birthday! I hope you have an awesome day!
  8. Awwwwwww Thank you so much guys! I had a great birthday On sat. me and the hubby went shopping and went out to dinner for my birthday. I love getting dolled up for my b-day and wore some cute black boots with small heels and pointy toes.. even though you could barely see them under my jeans. We walked so much that I got 3 or 4 blisters and my poor feet were killing me.That will teach me to wear cute but impractical shoes when I'm going out for that long! lol I had a great time with my hubby though! Sunday I stayed in my pj's, took a much needed nap from staying up so late sat. night, had pizza and cupcakes and took a long hot bath
  9. My birthday was this past Sunday.. Feb. 7th. I had a good birthday I can hardly beleive I turned 27 this year.. I'm getting old. I did a quiz awhile ago to see which chinese year I was born on and I was the year of the pig I love piggies!
  10. I love the new outfit and especially the new gifts!
  11. I can't beleive it, but I got one on the first try the first day!!! That will prolly never happen again lol
  12. I absolutely love the new trees.. they are so beautiful! I'm a sucker for pink and hearts
  13. I opened alot of gmb's lastnight with the offline cheat and was so suprised and happy that I got some new stuff! I recommend ya'll doing the offline thing with the boxes so you don't go broke trying to get the limited things. It takes a lil time, but it's worth it, especially since they've given us so many in a short ammount of time.
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