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  1. 2 black kitties received 18x999 sent Thanks so much for the safe and fast trade, rep added for you as well
  2. Ok, now I remember it. Sometimes my memory sucks lol I don't think we're friends so I'm gonna send you a f/r then the 999's, don't think I have any 3333's I can't wait to give one to my mom, it's one that she wanted badly.
  3. This is prolly gonna sound stupid but what is the black kitty plushie (2) Is it a gmb item that I've missed? If so how much for both.
  4. I've about gave up on getting those eggs cause pretty soon he'll prolly have something new and since I have so little I'll prolly never catch up now and be able to get them all.
  5. Thanks Mango lol Love your thing about the easter eggs, I think I got the rainbow one first thing, but other than it I only have like 3....
  6. Hey Guys, I haven't been on for a good while now... I think since february. Life has been busy and I have been struggling with this mood that comes and goes where I don't like talking to alot of people and I kinda keep to myself when I'm online except a comment here and there. But, I've been missing ya'll and being a part of the forum so I'm making an effort to try to come back and be active again. I see some changes have been made since I've been gone, we have a couple new mods Congrats to you guys. Hopefully I haven't missed too much and I can get back into the chatting again with ease and not feel like a newbie lol *Hugs to all my psfc friends!!* XOXO, Jamie
  7. Happy Birthday! I hope you have an awesome day!
  8. Awwwwwww Thank you so much guys! I had a great birthday On sat. me and the hubby went shopping and went out to dinner for my birthday. I love getting dolled up for my b-day and wore some cute black boots with small heels and pointy toes.. even though you could barely see them under my jeans. We walked so much that I got 3 or 4 blisters and my poor feet were killing me.That will teach me to wear cute but impractical shoes when I'm going out for that long! lol I had a great time with my hubby though! Sunday I stayed in my pj's, took a much needed nap from staying up so late sat. night, had pizza and cupcakes and took a long hot bath
  9. My birthday was this past Sunday.. Feb. 7th. I had a good birthday I can hardly beleive I turned 27 this year.. I'm getting old. I did a quiz awhile ago to see which chinese year I was born on and I was the year of the pig I love piggies!
  10. I love the new outfit and especially the new gifts!
  11. I can't beleive it, but I got one on the first try the first day!!! That will prolly never happen again lol
  12. I absolutely love the new trees.. they are so beautiful! I'm a sucker for pink and hearts
  13. I opened alot of gmb's lastnight with the offline cheat and was so suprised and happy that I got some new stuff! I recommend ya'll doing the offline thing with the boxes so you don't go broke trying to get the limited things. It takes a lil time, but it's worth it, especially since they've given us so many in a short ammount of time.
  14. <--- Love that series! I want to recommend The House of Night series by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast. If you love vampire books you'll love this series. I think P.C. said there will be like 12 books all together in the series.. right now I beleive there are 6 out. This is one of my fave series. I didn't know if I would like them at first ,but before I finished chapter 1 I didn't want to stop reading.
  15. lol Your welcome! I hope you love them as much as I do!
  16. I wish we could have both. I can't pick yet. lol
  17. what similarity? On Petville if you don't feed your pet for so long it will run away and you have to pay to get it out of the pound.
  18. I'm so excited for the new feature! :dance4: I really hope they don't put all the good stuff in cash shop and leave the yuck for us poor players because I will be really mad. And I also hope we have pets like a puppy and not just something weird like a balloon..
  19. I wanted a cool user name for apps and forums and I came up with Tainted Obsession.. Tainted from the song Tainted Love (I love the Pussycat dolls version best!) and Obsession because my hubby is/was the president of his friends' car club called Almost An Obsession. I wanted something that was differant and a little edgy.
  20. Ellen Hopkins Stephanie Meyer P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast, her daughter who co-writes with her on one of my fave series. Cassandra Clare Richelle Mead Beverly Lewis Wanda Brunstetter Charlaine Harris Frank Peretti And some more that I can't think of right now lol
  21. I have so many great books to recommend Ellen Hopkins is my all time fave author. Her books are amazing and she writes in a differant way than other writers. Since I can't describe her books as good as I want I'm going to share her website with you. www.ellenhopkins.com (thanks Lea!) After you enter her site go to 'Books' on the list on the left hand side and then click on each title to get a description telling you what the book is about. Crank, Glass (2nd book to Crank), Burned, Impulse, Identical and Tricks. I haven't read Tricks yet (I'm getting it held for me at the library right now), but I have never read an Ellen Hopkins book that I didn't love. Her books suck you in and you don't want to put them down. I read Crank which is over 600 pages in like 3 hours. There's not alot of words on each page like normal books. When you check out the inserts at her website you'll see what I mean about how her books are printed differantly. Pretty soon Fallout will be out, it's the 3rd and last book in the Crank series. The rest of her books are novels and aren't in a series. She's also writing Perfect right now, can't wait! Anyways, I hope ya'll will take the time to check out her books on her website. I love her books so much and want others to enjoy them too. Out of all of her books the Crank series and Identical are my faves. I have a few more books to recommend, but will do them later
  22. Be careful what you wish for sounds like it would be a good book. I'll have to see if our local library has it next time I go
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