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  1. here's how choochai and the chihuahuas celebrated cinco de mayo! i hope you like it!
  2. i have extra wallpaper and table i'm looking for a faerie seat and bracelet.. thank you!
  3. everything received hun! thanks! til next trading! adding rep for you!
  4. hi hun! i would like to buy the sets from last week and the newest set for nxt week.. so its 19x999.. alrytie? sending you the payments w/ the note hun.. thanks!!
  5. hi there! i wanna buy your luminous brooklyn window.. 4 of them if you have pls.. thanks! i'll send you a f/r
  6. received the items dear! thank you! add rep for you!
  7. sure hun.. please send the payment first.. payments sent hun!
  8. hi again hun! i'd like to buy 1 pet high uniform set, 1 jewelry box, 3 chilled cranberry juice =5x999 thanks!
  9. hi dear, i'll trade all your 7 turkeys for the kittens pls.. thanks!!
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