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  1. Thanks I will double check it =)
  2. I used to watch it, I have seen just two episodes on youtube but not more =(. Also I was checking if there were any dvd's or videos but no idea =(.
  3. Err is that English (jk). Well Im not good with computer programs so I guess I will just buy it =P.
  4. Thanks =). And isn't hard to make one? hahaha Im not that smart
  5. Hey where did u get your signature? they seem soo cool =).
  6. Do not listen to her! She's a bad girl! With a huuuuuuuuuuuuge heart, but a very bad girl, bwahahahahaha Hahahahaa =P!! Wow can someone be a bad girl with a huge heart? hehehe well then that's a good quality .
  7. Ah thanks, and sorry I didn't know about the Language thing .
  8. Thanks! I joined this site months ago but I was a lil bit shy about using the forum hehe . I will try to keep in track with the posts =). Is there any reason why they ask for more than 20 or 20 posts? Thank u again =)
  9. Wow really? Thank u! I didn't know about the Spanish thing =) and I accepted your request =).
  10. Welcome! Im newbie too =)
  11. Hi everyone, Im not new in using boards but definitely new in trying to see how this PSFC works =). I have seen lots of topics that say that you must have 20 or more post, so I hope I can make it to 20 or more =). If there is a give away thing and I want to give something do I need to wait until I have 20 posts? or can I give it freely? If you would like to add me as your neighboor my fb link is on my account =). Por cierto, hablo español también =).
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