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  1. Even though I love reading series with many chapters, I don't have the will to read One Piece, I did liked it some time ago but sort of gave up on it. Now I'm more into history manga and manhua.
  2. payment received and items sent, rep added as well. thank you! thank you for the trade, rep added
  3. WTB 1X Spring Faerie Valley Wallpaper 2xflower seeds 3xFall Wreath 2x3333 4xFall Candle Set 2x3333 n 2x999 2X Fall Forest Wallpaper 4x999 2X Balloon Parade Wallpaper 4x999 Cornucopia decor 4x999 1X Deluxe Turkey Feast Table 5x999 total If I calculated right it is 10x3333 and 1x999 and seeds
  4. I want to buy pith helmet it looks like this
  5. Books are better, most times I've loved the book more than the movie, but of course it's nice to see it in the big screen too.
  6. What book are you reading right now? Great Expectations (Charles Dickens) How are you finding it? So-so since it's an oldie is a bit hard to read. Is this the first book you have read by this author?no Would you recommend it? Yes it's very amusing tho a bit slow so you must be patient.
  7. hello I'm new here I love ps very much. This seems like a nice place, I think I'll get along with everyone
  8. I'm reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Naruto, Nurarihyon no Mago,Bakuman
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