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  1. That is so horrible! I am sending a prayer your way!
  2. :O What!? Woah! that is.... AMAZING! And weird.... and random!
  3. Miniblini

    Good Morning!!

    Waha! It is still nitey nite here in California, you silly people on the opposite side of the world! Although outside a rooster thinks otherwise.....
  4. 1. Use it to get a discount! 2. crumple it up and.... 3. THROW IT AT SOMEONE! TEHEE *Throws* oh, I didn't mean to be a bully! three things you can do with a..... fish bowl!
  5. Awww shucks, nice meeting you too! I love your avatar! Winnie the Pooh!!
  6. 1. Sneeze in it 2. use it as wrapping paper 3. make finger ghost puppets 3 things with a......... pencil shaving!
  7. I only got one chocolate. EVER! :C I checked every day, and then I finally gave up. Oh well...
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