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  1. Congratulations!! It's really good! I laughed a lot reading it!
  2. I just accepted you and sent the item doll haha
  3. I want this cup please, I pay with 999 items
  4. Congratulations Yvette! She really deserves it, I'm new here and she helped a lot in my first posts! By the way, her house is fantastic, she is a great neighbour!! Congratulations again!
  5. I love the new items!!! i'm saving, and saving, and saving to get them... haha. And I also love the new feature, because I always forget who has written to me!!
  6. great! i've got the frames and the panda mask!!
  7. Congratulations!! Who, being loved, is poor?
  8. pero realmente, para que queremos las poos? jaja la mia ha hecho alguna vez pero realmente no me gusta que este sucia!!
  9. Today I finally got my favourite pet society dress!
  10. yessssssssssssssssssss!!! sorry, I was eating!!
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